Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of witnesses (Questions 452 - 459)




  452. May I ask you both to introduce yourself for the record, please.
  (Mr Lea) I am John Lea. I am the Technical Services Director for Greater Manchester Waste. Unfortunately, Stephen Jenkinson was unable to be here because he had difficulties with his transport arrangements this morning.
  (Mr Gilbert) I am Andrew Gilbert. I am Chairman of the North West Assembly's Regional Technical Advisory Body.

  453. Do either of you want to make a statement or are you happy for us to go straight to questions?
  (Mr Lea) We are quite happy for you to go straight to questions.

Christine Butler

  454. How did Greater Manchester set about calculating £2 billion to meet the 2010 targets?
  (Mr Lea) In actual fact, we looked at the current position on recycling and saw that there was 2.16 million tonnes of waste being recycled at this moment in time. We looked towards the recycling target to achieve the level for 25 per cent and 45 per cent of recovery; again, based on 3 per cent increase in the waste stream as the previous witness. We estimated that to be 7.9 million tonnes. With a review of the facilities, a desk top study, we understood that to be a combination of mrf technology, collection from the kerb side, and also possibly thermal recovery and composting processes. We estimated that to be in the region of £2 billion.

  455. Could you send us an analysis and break-down of your findings and your calculations of that to the Committee?
  (Mr Lea) Yes.

  456. Where on earth is all this money going to come from?
  (Mr Lea) Exactly. We understand that there is 140 million—

  457. It is not 2 billion, is it? You want 2 billion just for Manchester.
  (Mr Lea) No, £2 billion is for the national position. We understand there is £140 million available but, as you can see, it is totally inadequate. There is a need to establish a means by which we can find this.

  458. Do you think, in all honesty, you have set about it the right way?
  (Mr Lea) In what respect?

  459. The calculations. You are talking about having various facilities to meet the needs of the targets for the next ten years. Do you think you set about that the right way? Did you have the right basic assumptions?
  (Mr Lea) We believe so. Obviously we are just like other local authorities. We looked at the waste arisings—

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Prepared 14 December 2000