Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Third Report



18-22 October 1999

Members taking part: Mr Donald Anderson (Chairman), Mr Eric Illsley, Mr Andrew Mackinlay, Sir David Madel, Mr Ted Rowlands, Sir John Stanley, Dr Phyllis Starkey, Mr David Wilshire.


Monday 18 October

HE Sir Andrew Wood, HM Ambassador, and Mr Tony Longrigg, Minister and Deputy Head of Mission

Tuesday 19 October

Mr Gennady Seleznev, Speaker of the Duma

Mr Ivan Melnikov, Deputy Chairman, Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Chairman of the Duma Education and Science Committee

General Roman Popkovich, Chairman of the Duma Defence Committee

Mr Vladimir Lukin, Chairman, and members of the Duma International Affairs Committee

Mr Grigory Yavlinsky, Leader, Yabloko

Mr Aleksandr Avdeev, First Deputy Foreign Minister

Visit to new Embassy site

Wednesday 20 October

(A)  Morning

Economic and Drugs/Crime (Members taking part: Mr Eric Illsley, Mr David Wilshire)

Mr Martin Gilman, IMF

Mr Michael Carter, World Bank

General Sergeev, Head of the Drug Control Department, Ministry of the Interior

Defence Issues (Members taking part: Sir David Madel, Mr Andrew Mackinlay, Sir John Stanley and Dr Phyllis Starkey)

Mr Aleksandr Pikaev, Director WMD programme, Carnegie Institute and Mr Sergei Oznobishchev, Director, Institute of Strategic Assessment

Mr Alexi Arbatov, Deputy Chairman, Duma Defence Committee

General Ivashov, General Staff

Human Rights (Members taking part: Mr Donald Anderson and Mr Ted Rowlands)

Visit to rehabilitation project for street children

Mr Vladimir Kartashkin, Presidential Commission on Human Rights

Roundtable with Ms Ludmila Alexeeva, Moscow Helsinki Group; Mr Diederik Lohmann, Human Rights Watch; Mr Valery Sergeev, Prison Reform International; and Ms Tatiana Titova, Keston House

(A)  Afternoon

Visit to Embassy flats

Visit to Visa Section

Visit to British Council

Mr Simon Clanaman, BBC World Service

Meeting with British Journalists: Mr Mark Webster, ITN; Mr James Rodgers, BBC; Mr Giles Whittle, The Times; and Mr John Thornhill, Financial Times.


Members taking part: Mr Eric Illsley, Mr Andrew Mackinlay, Sir David Madel, Mr Ted Rowlands and Dr Phyllis Starkey

Thursday 21 October

Mr John Guy, HM Consul General

First Vice Governor Vyacheslav Scherbakov

Mr Aleksnadr Yakovlev and other members of the Leningrad Oblast

Visit to British Council and ELT Centre, accompanied by Ms Elizabeth White, Director and Ms Sue Boardman, Head of Teaching

Visit to Military Resettlement Centre, accompanied by Squadron Leader Max Jardine

Friday 22 October

Mr Vatan'er Yag'ya, Deputy at the St Petersburg Legislative Assembly

1. Economics/Business (Members taking part: Mr Eric Illsley, Mr Ted Rowlands and Dr Phyllis Starkey )

Vice Governor Aleksashin, Chairman, Committee for Economic and Industrial policy

Mr Aleksandr Bazykin, Mr Sergei Demon and Mr Igor' Kostikov, Members of the Committee for Finance of the St Petersburg Administration

Visit to Unilever factory

2. Human rights/Good government (Members taking part: Mr Andrew Mackinlay and Sir David Madel)

Mr Vladimir Pylin, Electoral Commission, Leningrad Region

Mr Yuri Vdovin, Citizens' Watch

Meeting with Representatives of the St Petersburg Police: Mr Alexander Smirnov, acting chief of the Criminal Police; Mr Alexander Gudz, chief of the Special Service Police; Mr Boris Utsehovskiy, chief of the Drug Enforcement Department; Ms Galina Baldina, chief of the International Cooperation Division; Ms Marina Karaganova, inspector of the International Cooperation Division; Mr Konstantin Rostov, deputy chief on science of the University of the Interior of Russia; and Ms Tatjana Petrova, chief of the International Cooperation Department of the University of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia.


Members taking part: Mr Donald Anderson and Mr Ted Rowlands

Thursday 21 October

Mr Steve Harrison, HM Consul General

Mr Nikolai Danilov, Deputy Governor of Sverdlovsk Region

Mr Arkady Chernetsky, Mayor of Ekaterinburg

Meeting with Sverdlovsk business community, local British residents and Know How Fund partners

Friday 22 October

Briefing by SmithKline Beecham

Visit to BBC Training School

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Prepared 28 February 2000