Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Fourth Report


Ahtisaari, Martti, former President of Finland

Annan, Kofi, UN Secretary General

Antonijevic, Vuko, leader of the Serb National Council

Artemije, Radosavljevic, head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo

Berisha, Sali, former Albanian President

Bildt, Carl, UN Secretary General Special Envoy for the Balkans

Brownlie, Professor Ian, Oxford University, witness

Bukoshi, Dr Bujar, prominent member of the LDK

Butakovic, Dr Dusan, Serbian author of cantonisation plan for Kosovo

Caplan, Dr Richard, Jesus College, Oxford, Specialist Adviser

Chernomyrdin, Viktor, former Prime Minister of Russia

Chinkin, Professor Christine, University of Michigan, witness

Clark, General Wesley, former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe

Cohen, William, US Defense Secretary

Cviic, Christopher, Royal Institute of International Affairs, witness

Despic, Alexander, author of Belgrade Academy of Sciences report on Kosovo

Dixon, Joly, head of Reconstruction (EU) pillar of UNMIK

Djindjic, Zoran, head of the Serbian Democratic Party

Djukanovic, President Milo, of Montenegro,

Donnelly, Brian, Director, Regional Crisis, in the FCO and former Ambassador in Belgrade, oral witness

Draskovic, Vuk, leader of the Serbian Renewal Movement

Fischer, Joschka, German Foreign Minister

Gelbard, Richard, US special envoy to the region

Glenny, Misha, author of The Balkans 1804-1999, Granta, London, 2000

Goulden, Sir John, Permanent Representative at the United Kingdom Delegation to NATO, oral witness

Gow, Dr James, King's College London, witness

Greenwood, Professor Christopher, the London School of Economics, oral witness

Hain, Peter MP, Minister of State at the FCO

Hill, Christopher, US Ambassador to Macedonia

Holbrooke, Richard, US special envoy to the region

Holsøe, Jens, Danish journalist

Hombach, Bodo, Special Co-ordinator for the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe

Hopkinson, William, Director of Studies at the Royal Institute for International Affairs, witness

Ivanovic, Oliver, leader of the Serb National Council

Jashari, Adem, prominent member of KLA, killed in March 1998

Jones Parry, Dr Emyr, Political Director at the FCO, oral witness

Judah, Tim, the author of Kosovo: War and Revenge, Yale, 2000, oral witness

Kaldor, Dr Mary, the London School of Economics, witness

Kouchner, Dr Bernard, Head of UNMIK

Levitin, Dr Oleg, Russian participant at Rambouillet, witness

Littman, Mark, author of Kosovo: Law and Diplomacy, oral witness

Lloyd Tony, MP, then Minister of State at the FCO, oral witness

Lowe, Professor Vaughan, Oxford University, oral witness

Meynell, Charles, Editor of the East European Newsletter, witness

Milo, Paskal, Foreign Minister of Albania,

Milosevic, Slobodan, President of Yugoslavia

Naumann, General Klaus, former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

Neville-Jones, Dame Pauline, former Political Director of the FCO, oral witness

Odalovic, Veljko, leader of the Serb National Assembly

Patten, Chris, European Commissioner for External Affairs

Pavkovic, General Nebosja, Commander of the Serbian Third Army

Qosja, Professor Rexhep, head of the LDB

Reinhardt, General Klaus, Commander of KFOR

Reisman, Professor, international lawyer

Roberts, Elizabeth, Trinity College, Dublin, oral witness

Roberts, Professor Adam, Oxford University, oral witness

Rowe, Professor Peter, Lancaster University, witness

Rugova, Dr Ibrahim, head of the LDK

Sava, Father Janjic, head of Serbian Orthodox monastery at Decane

Seselj, Vojislav, leader of the Serbian Radical Party

Shala, Blerim, Kosovan journalist met by Committee

Sharp, Jane, King's College London, oral witness

Shelton, General Hugh, Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff

Short, General Mike, NATO air commander during the campaign

Simma, Bruno, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, witness

Solana, Javier, Secretary General of the European Council and High Representative for the CFSP

Solley, Stephen, the Chairman of the Bar Human Rights Committee

Steele, Jonathan, The Guardian, oral witness

Sumnell, Ian, former administrator of Glogovac municipality

Sweeney, John, The Observer, oral witness

Talbott, Strobe, US Under-Secretary of State

Tenet, George, Director of the CIA

Thaci, Hashim, head of the PPDK, former political leader of the KLA

Tito, Josip Broz, leader of Yugoslavia

Vaz, Keith, Minister of State at the FCO

Vickers, Miranda, the International Crisis Group, Specialist Adviser

Woodward, Dr Susan, King's College London, oral witness

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© Parliamentary copyright 2000
Prepared 7 June 2000