Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by Mr Peter Ford

  I am writing to urge that Britain should play a progressive and constructive role with regard to the Non Proliferation Treaty, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the Fissile Material Cut Off Treaty and the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty, in accordance with the Government's reiterated desire for world-wide nuclear disarmament, and because Britain is well placed to take a lead.

  It seems to me that the NPT, and particularly Article VI, is the key to achieving a secure non-proliferation regime. The failure of Britain, France and USA to show negotiations in good faith on effective measures has resulted in:

    India and Pakistan refusing to sign the NPT;

    Russia abandoning its No First Use policy;

    China modernising its nuclear arsenals;

    and Iraq, Iran and North Korea aspiring to become nuclear states.

  Looking further into the coming millennium, we shall not secure lasting Peace and Justice if the USA follows its present declared policy of World Supremacy "by domination of Space, in the same way that Britain controlled the seas during the XIX century". Britain should do all in its power to secure peaceful use of Space, and should do nothing to encourage the development of a Ballistic Missile Defence System; for Britain, this means opposing the development of the base at Menwith Hill.

  Other recommendations for British action that your Committee should take into account:

    Unblock progress towards Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty by allowing current stocks of plutonium to be included

    Underwrite the CTBT's verification and monitoring procedures, should the USA withdraw funds

    Maintain pressure on the US Government to ratify the CTBT

    Utilise the expertise of Aldermaston to develop effective verification and monitoring regimes, as announced in the Strategic Defence Review.

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Prepared 2 August 2000