Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Tenth Report


Appendix Page
1.Memorandum submitted by Kai Yuan 146
2.Memorandum submitted by Independent Tibet Network 147
3.Memorandum submitted by Higher Education Funding Council for England 153
4.Memorandum submitted by Scottish & Newcastle International Limited 153
5.Memorandum submitted by WS Atkins plc 154
6.Memorandum submitted by Processing and Packaging Machinery Association 154
7.Memorandum submitted by Dr Steve Tsang, MA, DPhil (Oxon) 155
8.Memorandum submitted by The Rt Hon Lord Justice Otton 158
9.Memorandum submitted by Professor Rosemary Foot, St Antony's College, Oxford 161
10.Memorandum submitted by Dr Jude Howell, Institute of Development Studies 162
11.Memorandum submitted by Professor David Bennett, Technology Management and Co-ordinator of International Development, Aston Business School, Birmingham 163
12.Memorandum submitted by John Billington 164
13.Memorandum submitted by The Tibet Society: Evidence on how the FCO dealt with one specific Tibetan case 165
14.Memorandum submitted by The Tibet Society: An Ethical Foreign Policy for Tibet 168
15.Memorandum submitted by The British Chamber of Commerce in China 169
16.Memorandum submitted by Dr Flemming Christiansen, University of Leeds 180
17.Memorandum submitted by Dr Jane Duckett, University of Glasgow 183
18.Memorandum submitted by Dr Michael Dillon, University of Durham 185
19.Supplementary memorandum submitted by Dr Michael Dillon, University of Durham 186
20.Memorandum submitted by China Forum of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland 188
21.Memorandum submitted by Dr Frank Pieke, St Cross College 190
22.Memorandum submitted by The British Council (China) 190
23.Memorandum submitted by The British Council (Hong Kong) 196
24.Memorandum submitted by British Association for Chinese Studies 200
25.Memorandum submitted by Tibet Information Network 201
26.Memorandum submitted by Campaign Against Arms Trade 211
27.Memorandum submitted by SmithKline Beecham 214
28.Memorandum submitted by Richard Cobbold and Damon Bristow, Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies 215
29.Memorandum submitted by British Trade International 220
30.Memorandum submitted by John Gittings 226
31.Memorandum submitted by Glaxo Wellcome plc 226
32.Memorandum submitted by ZENECA (China) Investment Company Limited 227
33.Memorandum submitted by Christian Solidarity Worldwide 228
34.Supplementary memorandum submitted by Christian Solidarity Worldwide 236
35.Memorandum submitted by Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions 237
36.Memorandum submitted by Miss Ze Xia 237
37.Memorandum submitted by All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet 238
38.Memorandum submitted by Clifford Chance 239
39.Memorandum submitted by Hong Kong Journalists Association 242
40.Memorandum submitted by Human Rights in China 243
41.Memorandum submitted on Inner Mongolia [name withheld] 255
42.Memorandum submitted by Nicholas Rufford (Assistant Editor of the Sunday Times) 260
43.Memorandum submitted by Falun Gong Association (UK) 260
44.Supplementary memorandum submitted by Falun Gong Association (UK): 261
45. Supplementary memorandum submitted by British Council 261

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Prepared 29 November 2000