Select Committee on Home Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex I

  The following figures have been taken from The Agricultural Budgeting and Costing Book and provide a guideline only:


    —  Annual rentals for wild fowling and rough shooting on property with limited sporting potential may be as low as £0.50-£1.50*. However, where the sporting potential is better these payments can be increased.

    —  Provision of woodlands, game cover crops will command returns of £3-£6 per acre with exceptional properties in the right area these figures can almost be doubled.

    —  Rents for driven grouse shooting are around £80-£100 per brace on expected bags and £50-£65 per brace for walked up birds.

    —  Driven pheasants and ducks will return £15-£25 a bird, and partridge £40-£60 a brace.


    —  Returns depend on the terrain, species of deer, and quality of antler. The sportsman can keep the head and antlers, but not the venison.

    —  Fees for Red, Fallow and Sika stags are around £150-£250 per beast, however this figure can be much higher for a trophy.

    —  Roe bucks cost £60-£120 per beast. Hind and doe stalking are usually by the day at £100 per day.

  *While these figures appear low, it is important to remember that the control of rabbits and pigeons by a third party for example, saves the farmer time and money, as this is a cost he would otherwise have to incur.

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Prepared 13 April 2000