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Annex A



  22.—(1)  There shall be established in accordance with the provisions of this section a Firearms Consultative Committee consisting of a chairman and not less than 12 other members appointed by the Secretary of State, being persons appearing to him to have knowledge and experience of one or more of the following matters:

    (a)  the possession, use or keeping of, or transactions in, firearms;

    (b)  weapon technology; and

    (c)  the administration or enforcement of the provisions of the principle Act, the Firearms Act 1982 and this Act.

  (2)  The reference in subsection (1)(a) above to the use of firearms includes in particular a reference to their use for sport or competition.

  (3)  Subject to subsection (4) below, a member of the Committee shall hold and vacate office in accordance with the terms of his appointment.

  (4)  Any member of the Committee may resign by notice in writing to the Secretary of State; and the chairman may by such a notice resign his office as such.

  (5)  It shall be the function of the Committee:

    (a)  to keep under review the working of the provisions mentioned in subsection (1)(c) above and to make to the Secretary of State such recommendations as the Committee may from time to time think necessary for the improvement of the working of those provisions;

    (b)  to make proposals for amending those provisions if it thinks fit; and

    (c)  to advise the Secretary of State on any other matter relating to those provisions which he may refer to the Committee.

  (6)  The Committee shall in each year make a report on its activities to the Secretary of State who shall lay copies of the report before Parliament.

  (7)  The Secretary of State may make to members of the Committee such payments as he may determine in respect of expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

  (8)  The Committee shall cease to exist at the end of the period of five years beginning with the day on which this section comes into force unless the Secretary of State provides by an order made by statutory instrument for it to continue thereafter, but no such order shall continue the Committee for more than three years at a time.


  2.  The Firearms Consultative Committee shall, following the expiry of the period of its existing specified in article 2 of the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 (Firearms Consultative Committee) Order 1993 (b), continue to exist for a period of three years beginning on 1 February 1997.

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