Select Committee on Home Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter to the Chairman from Mr J A Broughton, Assistant Chief Constable, Essex Police


  I have been asked to express my concerns to you as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee on the Licensing of Firearms by Mr Hart, Assistant Commissioner for the City of London Police and Chairman of the Association of Chief Police Officers sub group on the administration of Firearms Licensing. Please find enclosed an advert[126] from Shooting Sports Magazine regarding a new type of firearm which is increasingly coming on to the market. These "long barrelled revolvers", unlike the "buntline" style which was around before the passing of the 1988 and 1997 Acts are a deliberate attempt to circumnavigate the prohibition of handguns by using a 12 inch barrelled revolver with an accompanying "wrist brace". The "Millenium Arms Carbine" which is of a similar style uses the extension from the rear of the revolver as a removable butt and has already caused some concern regarding one of my certificate holders.

  I write to ascertain whether you would be willing to consider these items whilst conducting your review of the licensing of firearms, and call for the prohibition of this firearm and its ilk under the powers contained in Section 1(4) of the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988. If handguns were deemed "specially dangerous" by Parliament after the Dunblane tragedy, the mere fixing of a 6 inch rod to the back of the firearm makes it no less dangerous. The logical conclusion to these firearms is Glock and Smith & Wesson handguns which are made from polymer plastic with relatively easy to break extensions to the rear.

  I submit the above proposal in order that these firearms do not proliferate the shooting market and circumnavigate the will of Parliament.

J A Broughton

Assistant Chief Constable (C)

10 March 2000

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Prepared 13 April 2000