Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence




  Nowadays smoking a cigarette comes with a stigma.

  During the last 20 years smoking has gone from being seen as very, very cool (James Dean) to being dirty and almost criminal (Dennis Hopper and the "Smokers" in Kevin Costner's Waterworld).

  In restaurants all over the globe smokers are segregated and made to sit near to the toilets. Most airlines now have small cramped smoking sections at the back of their planes—if they allow you to smoke at all. Office workers across the World are forced to stand outside in the freezing cold and rain enjoying a five minute smoke break. Articles are written in magazines in hundreds of different languages when (for instance) a fashion shoot shows Kate Moss with a cigarette in her mouth. In California now, ski resorts have signs up asking you not to smoke on chair lifts— "For fear of fouling the air"!

  The smoker is under siege.


  Japan Tobacco wants to make a statement showing their support for smokers. They want to communicate to both smokers and non smokers alike showing that if sense is allowed to prevail life will be the better for everyone.


  They want to communicate their message to smokers and non smokers of all ages.

    —  Those who already smoke, and want to stop being treated with contempt by non smokers, will feel positive towards the company.

    —  Those who don't smoke may be a little more understanding to those that do.


  Smoking can be a delight for everyone if it is done right.


  Let us not forget why people smoke —they enjoy it! They want to smoke! Even with the present anti-smoking movement they make a decision to smoke.

    —  If a smoker is considerate to a non smoker about when, how and where he smokes the non smoker will be happy.

    —  If a non smoker is considerate to a smoker about when, how and where he allows him to smoke the smoker will be happy.


  The Client has stated that the word "Delight" must feature prominently in the ad.


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Prepared 6 March 2000