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  Mayfair is one of two cheap cigarette brands in Gallaher's portfolio, the other being Sovereign. The brand only receives tactical advertising support each year majoring on price after a budget tax increase. Our ad last November, "£2.39. It's not a taxing decision" helped to boost sales after the budget tax increase.

  In the event that Labour win the election, there will almost certainly be a mini-budget in June, that is almost certain to hit cigarettes very hard.

What do we want this work to achieve?

  We need to inform people that Mayfair represents exceptional value for money. If we do our job properly then Mayfair should be able to attract more smokers in the post budget period which is when people are most aware of the costs of their smoking.

Who should the work speak to and how do they currently view the brand?

  The brand has a bias towards female smokers. It is strongly skewed to C2DE's and its core age group are 25-34 year olds.

What is the single minded proposition?

  Post budget Mayfair offers even better value for money.

What is the substantiation for this proposition?

  Mayfair King Size and Mayfair Lights will remain at £2.55 no matter what happens in the June budget.

Are there any mandatory inclusions, legal restrictions, "Sacred Cows", other relevant comments?

  Feature both 20s packs with £2.55 on pack flash.

  We also need to mention that they're "also available in 10's".

  Legal copy "Offer only applies to packs priced £2.55".

  Usual ASA guidelines.

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Prepared 6 March 2000