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The client was advised that the original test shot was nowhere to be found, hence we had three new `Busker' shots. One almost a replica of the original, and two of a different composition but still identifiable as Covent Garden.

The client preferred the shot closest to the original but emphatically believes the original is superior for following reasons:

—  more natural/slice of life interaction between tourist and pack;

—  more cosmopolitan feel;

—  stronger Summer cues—brighter, lighter, more colourful shot;

More importantly, the new shot is unacceptable from a legal point of view because the royal crest and legend are partially obscured.

What is now wanted:

The client is adamant that she wants the shot to mirror the original, primarily because it researched so well against the younger style press target, and secondarily she has loved it and lived with it for a year. The options available to use are:

(1)  locate the test shot—an impossibility thus far:

(2)  re-shoot in Covent Garden at same location, same composition, similar wardrobe, props etc?

We need to agree on the best option and action it ASAP as we have already missed numerous copy dates.

  People—a slice of real life, with the pack inhabiting the smokers world. Remember this campaign has its origins in a very simple truth, that smokers of B&H, when they put their pack on the pub table, will always have it noticed by their friends. It is their badge and we are all trying to celebrate it.

  Executions must follow the ASA cigarette code. Only ASA approved concepts can be presented to client.

  The next burst of poster activity is scheduled for August.

  Thought should also be given to style press specific concepts as Gallaher are keen to develop a B&H conversation with this target. Therefore scenarios and people (as young as we can push them with the ASA) to appeal to 20-25 year olds should be considered.

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Prepared 6 March 2000