Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence

4.  M&C Saatchi (TB 40)


  The 25 to 34 age who smoke Silk Cut are no different from other smokers.

  The 15 to 24 age group who smoke Silk Cut are slightly more Inner Directed than other smokers.

  In order to maintain market share and ensure a future for the brand Silk Cut must capture these peoples values.

  They are over represented in the values held by younger Conspicous Consumers. They are optimistic about the future, unlike their gender group in the past these people feel in control of their destiny and feel strongly that they are individuals in their own rights.

  They espouse:

    —  Escapism

    —  Risk

    —  Complexity

  and are also high on other trends including Androgeny, Empathy, Optimism and Individualism.

  Woman smokers are much more positive, younger and more active than their male counterparts—this would indicate this is the area that should be targeted for growth.

  Smoking will be part of their badge branding especially among the D and E's

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Prepared 6 March 2000