Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence


Contact Report Number Date
03507 January 2000
Present ClientPresent Agency
Lesley StearsCarrie Hindmarsh
Matt Perry
Contact NotesAction
Client and Agency met for Status Meeting
Client and Agency to supply copy once outcome of budget is known.
Client informed Agency that Royals will launch advertising for 20s packs w/c 7.7.97 and L&B will price mark at £2.72 RRP with four weeks worth of stock at a special officer price of £2.69.
Client approved Trade ad layout.
Plans to Year End
Client informed Agency that CDP will be running a regional campaign in Wales to support main brand campaign.
Agency to ask Silk Cut team which poster campaign is running from the beginning of August.
Agency to complain about reproduction in The Sporting Life and The People.
Agency to speak to CDP in order to ensure that Sovereign does not appear opposite health section of The Mirror in the future.

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Prepared 6 March 2000