Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence

Letter from Mr B Ecclestone, Chief Executive Officer, Formula One Management Limited to the Clerk of the Committee (TB 36A)


  Upon reviewing the draft transcript which you have sent to me, I notice that in response to a question concerning "All Sports Management" (Q 872) I responded "I do not know All Sports Management; I have never heard of All Sports Management." In fact, I have now been reminded that I have in fact heard of this company which, to give it its correct company name is AllSport Management S. A. (of Geneva, Switzerland).

  My confusion on this issue arose because although I am in contact with this company on a regular basis because of their involvement in Formula One hospitality etc, in my mind I think of this entity in terms of one of its principal officers, Mr Patrick McNally, rather than by its corporate name which I seldom have cause to refer to. Indeed, when the questioner mentioned the name "All Sport", I thought he may be referring to an organisation called Allsport with which I have no dealings but which I believe may be involved in photography and public relations matters. In fact, I enclose a photocopy of a photograph of me published in Tuesday's Financial Times which is credited to this organisation. Accordingly, as the questioner did not mention Mr McNally's name, the name "All Sport" did not ring any bells at the time.

  In the circumstances, I should be grateful if you would make the Committee aware of my clarification of this point. For the record, I should like to confirm that aside from the correction made in this letter that I have in fact heard of a company called AllSport Management S. A., my other remarks about this company in response to questions 873, 874, 879 and 894 remain totally correct.

  I apologise if I have caused you any confusion and I am glad of the opportunity to clarify the position.

4 February 2000

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Prepared 6 March 2000