Select Committee on International Development Minutes of Evidence


Attachment A

Afganistan Croatia Malawi
Algeria Dominica Malaysia
Angola Egypt Mali
Anguilla Equatorial Guinea Mauritius
Antigua Eritrea Montserrat
Bangladesh Ethiopia Morocco
Barbados Federal Repulic of Yugoslavia Mozambique
Belize Fiji Namibia
Benin Gabon Nepal
Bosnia Herzogovina The GambiaNiger
Botswana Ghana Nigeria
Burkina Faso Grenada Pakistan
Burma Guinea Papua New Guinea
Burundi Guinea-Bissau Philippines
Cambodia India Rwanda
Cameroon Indonesia St Kitts and Nevis
Central African Republic JamaicaSt Lucia
Chad Kenya St Vincent
China Losotho Senegal
Congo Liberia Seychelles
Cote d'Ivoire Macedonia Sierra Leone
SloveniaTanzania Vanuatu
Solomon IslandsThailand Vietnam
SomaliaTogo Yemen
South AfricaTonga Zaira
Sri LankaTrinidad and Tobago Zambia
SudanTunisia Zimbabwe
Swaziland Uganda

ANNEX 1Goods in Category 1 of the Technical Annex to the Guidelines on Transfers under the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR).Goods in Category 2 of the Technical Annex to the MTCR Guidelines on Transfers.Goods in the Trigger List included in Part 1 of Information Circular 254 issued by the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).Goods in the List of Nuclear-Related Dual-Use Equipment and Materials and Related Technology included in Part 2 of Information Circular 254 issued by the NSG.Goods in Schedule 1 to the Annex of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons (CWC).Goods in Schedule 2 to the Annex of the CWC.Goods in Schedule 3 to the Annex of the CWC.Goods in the Australian Group's Export Control Lists of Chemical Weapons Precursors and Dual-Use Chemical Manufacturing Facilities and Equipment and Related Technology.Goods in the Australia Group's Export Control Lists of Plant and Animal Pathogens, Biological Agents and Dual-Use Biological Equipment.Supercomputers (ie computers with a composite theoretical performance exceeding 2,000 million theoretical operations per second) and goods having telecommunications or information security features, functions or characteristics.All other Dual-Use goods controlled by virtue or the end use control which is designed to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

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Prepared 10 February 2000