Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Evidence


AgeNet's involvement in the EQUAL initiative

  AgeNet collaborated with the EPSRC in organising a multidisciplinary workshop in September 1998 which helped define the scope of the subsequent call for proposals for the topic Design For All, forming part of the EPSRC's EQUAL programme. A number of the participants in that workshop were successful in gaining research awards. AgeNet is collaborating with the EPSRC to arrange a similar workshop in April 2000 on Rehabilitation, to help identify the opportunities for a further call, building upon an AgeNet workshop held in July 1998 on the topic Technology for Rehabilitation.

  AgeNet co-sponsored, with the BBSRC, a workshop on Cellular Senescence in July 1998, which involved many of the participants in the BBSRC's Science of Ageing (SAGE) programme. BBSRC co-sponsored an AgeNet workshop on Ageing Fragility and the Biomechanics of Bone held in June 1998.

  AgeNet and the MRC jointly staged a workshop in February 1998 to promote interest in two LINK research programmes (which require collaboration between academic and industrial partners): Integrated Approaches to Healthy Ageing, and Medical Devices.

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