Select Committee on Treasury Eighth Report


[The Special Report listed after each main Report contains the Government's observations on the Report. Where a House of Commons Paper Number has a suffix -I, the evidence is published in one or more volumes separate from the Report]

Session 1997-98

First, Accountability of the Bank of England (HC 282) (Third Special, HC 502)
Second, The Barnett Formula (HC 341) (Fourth Special, HC 619)
Third, Confirmation Hearings (HC 571) (—)
Fourth, The 1998 Budget (HC 647) (Fifth Special, HC 877)
Fifth, The UK and Preparations for Stage Three of Economic and Monetary Union (HC 503-I) (Sixth Special, HC 905)
Sixth, The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England: Confirmation Hearings (HC 822-I) (—)
Seventh, Bank of England: Operation of Accountability—One Year On (HC 993) (Seventh Special, HC 1111)
Eighth, The New Fiscal Framework and the Comprehensive Spending Review (HC 960-I) (Eighth Special, HC 855)
Ninth, The Mis-Selling of Personal Pensions (HC 712-I) (First Special, Session 1998-99, HC 140)

Session 1998-99

First, Office for National Statistics (HC 43-I) (Second Special, HC 267)
Second, The World Economy and the Pre-Budget Report (HC 91-I) (Third Special, HC 339)
Third, Financial Services Regulation (HC 73-I) (Fourth Special, HC 347)
Fourth, The 1999 Budget (HC 325) (Fifth Special, HC 536)
Fifth, The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England: Confirmation Hearings (HC 476-I) (—)
Sixth, Inland Revenue (HC 199) (Sixth Special, HC 746)
Seventh, Public Service Agreements (HC 378) (Seventh Special, HC 849)
Eighth, The Monetary Policy Committee—Two years on (HC 505) (Eighth Special, HC 850)
Ninth, Demutualisation (HC 605-I) (Ninth Special, HC 880)
Tenth, Valuation Office Agency (HC 420) (First Special, Session 1999-2000, HC 197)

Session 1999-2000

First, Research Assistance for Monetary Policy Committee Members (HC 43) (—)
Second, HM Customs and Excise (HC 53) (Second Special, HC 442)
Third, The International Monetary Fund (HC 72) (Fourth Special, HC 628)
Fourth, The Private Finance Initiative (HC 147) (Fifth Special, HC 706)
Fifth, The 2000 Budget (HC 379) (Third Special, HC 572)
Sixth, Government's Cash and Debt Management (HC 154) (Sixth Special, HC 869)
Seventh, The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England: Confirmation Hearings (HC 520-I)
Eighth, Economic and Monetary Union (HC 573-I)

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Prepared 28 July 2000