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Standing Committee Debates on Bills

Here you can browse House of Commons Standing Committee debates, including Membership details and the latest version of the Bill where appropriate, for 1999-2000.

  Session 1999-2000
*Armed Forces Discipline Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Care Standards Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee G)
*Carers and Disabled Children Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Census (Amendment) Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee D)
*Children (Leaving Care) Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee A)
*Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Bill (Standing Committee F)
*Countryside and Rights of Way Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) (No. 2) Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Criminal Justice and Court Services Bill (Standing Committee G)
*Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate Bill [Lords](Standing Committee B)
*Electronic Communications Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Fur Farming (Prohibition) Bill (Standing Committee E)
*Finance Bill (Standing Committee H)
*Financial Services and Markets Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Freedom of Information Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Government Resources and Accounts Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Health Service Commissioners (Amendment) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Insolvency Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee B)
*Limited Liability Partnerships Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee F)
*Learning and Skills Bill (Standing Committee F)
*Licensing (Young Persons) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Local Government Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee A)
*Medical Treatment (Prevention of Euthanasia) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Nuclear Safeguards Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee C)
*Police (Northern Ireland) Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Bill (Standing Committee G)
*Postal Services Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Protection of Animals (Amendment) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Race Relations (Amendment) Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Recycled Content of Newsprint Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Royal Parks (Trading) Bill (Standing Committee G)
*Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill (Standing Committee F)
*Sea Fishing Grants (Charges) Bill (Standing Committee G)
*Television Licences (Disclosure of Information) Bill (Standing Committee E)
*Terrorism Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Transport Bill (Standing Committee E)
*Trustee Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee A)
*Utilities Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Bill (Standing Committee C)

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