Amendments proposed to the Hunting Bill - continued House of Commons

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Mr David Lidington


Schedule     3,     page     23,     line     44,     leave out '5' and insert '3'.


Mr David Lidington


Schedule     3,     page     23,     line     44,     leave out '5' and insert '4'.


Mr David Lidington


Schedule     3,     page     24,     leave out lines 2 and 3.


Mr David Lidington


Schedule     3,     page     24,     line     10,     at end insert 'but any costs so awarded shall be refunded to the applicant if his application succeeds.'.


Mr Lembit Öpik
Mr Peter Luff
Mrs Llin Golding


Schedule     3,     page     24,     line     10,     at end insert—

    ' .—(1) The Secretary of State shall by order make a scheme for the making of payments to persons in respect of losses incurred by them as a result of—

    (a) ceasing, by reason of the enactment or coming into force of this Act—

            (i) to carry on their businesses so far as they consist of activities prohibited by this Act, or

            (ii) to continue in paid employment so far as that employment was dependent on activities prohibited by this Act;

    (b) damage by wild mammals which were previously controlled by activities prohibited by this Act.

    (2) A scheme may, in particular—

    (a) specify the descriptions of losses and businesses in respect of which payments are, or are not, to be made and the basis of valuation for determining losses,

    (b) specify the amounts of the payments to be made or the basis on which such amounts are to be calculated,

    (c) provide for the procedure to be followed (including any time within which claims must be made and the provision of information) in respect of claims under the scheme and for the determination of such claims,

    (d) include provision for arbitration of any dispute as to a person's entitlement to payments under the scheme or the amounts of any such payments.

    (3) Before making a scheme under this paragraph, the Secretary of State shall consult such organisations as appear to him to represent persons likely to be entitled to payments under such a scheme.

    (4) An order under this paragraph shall be made by statutory instrument which shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.'.


Mr David Lidington


Schedule     3,     page     24,     line     14,     leave out paragraph 20.


Mr David Lidington


Schedule     3,     page     24,     line     14,     leave out 'in particular'.


Mr David Lidington


Schedule     3,     page     24,     line     21,     leave out 'in particular'.


Mr David Lidington


Schedule     3,     page     24,     line     27,     leave out 'an' and insert 'a controlling'.


Mr David Lidington


Schedule     3,     page     24,     line     28,     at beginning insert 'directly'.


    That the following provisions shall apply to the Hunting Bill—


    1. Clauses 1 to 4 and any New Clauses shall be committed to a Committee of the whole House.

    2. The remainder of the Bill shall be committed to a Standing Committee.

    3.—(1) Proceedings in Committee of the whole House shall be completed in one allotted day.

    (2) An allotted day is one on which the Bill is put down as first Government Order of the day.

    4. The following shall not apply in respect of proceedings in Committee of the whole House—

    (a) Sessional Order B (Programming Committees) made by the House on 7th November 2000, and

    (b) Sessional Order D(5) (Single question on successive provisions of the Bill) made by the House on that day.

    5. Proceedings in the Standing Committee shall (unless previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion on Thursday 8th February 2001.



    (1) the Standing Committee shall meet on Thursday 18th January at Two o'clock;

    (2) after that date the Standing Committee shall meet on Tuesdays at half-past Ten o'clock and at half-past Four o'clock and on Thursdays at quarter-past Ten o'clock and at Two o'clock;

    (3) proceedings shall be taken in the order shown in the Table below;

    (4) proceedings shall be concluded at the time shown in the second column of the Table (unless concluded earlier).


Latest time for conclusion
Proceedings on Clauses 5 and 6Fifteen minutes after the commencement of proceedings on Clause 5
Proceedings on Schedules 1 and 2Fifteen minutes after the commencement of proceedings on Schedule 1
Proceedings on Schedule 35.50 p.m. on Thursday 8th February
New Schedules6 p.m. on Thursday 8th February



    (1) the last two entries in the Table which forms part of the Order of the Committee of 18th January shall not have effect;

    (2) proceedings on the Bill shall be concluded at Ten o'clock on Tuesday 13th February (unless concluded earlier).

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Prepared 13 Feb 2001