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Transitional provisions: sponsorship.     18. - (1) The appropriate Minister may make regulations providing that, subject to the satisfaction (or continuing satisfaction) of any conditions specified in the regulations, section 9 is not to apply before a date so specified to a sponsorship agreement of a description so specified.
      (2) The date specified may not be later than 1st October 2006.
      (3) If, by virtue of regulations under this section, section 9 does not apply to a sponsorship agreement, the doing of anything as a result of that agreement is not an offence under any provision of this Act.
Interpretation.     19. In this Act-
    "appropriate Minister" means-
      (a) in relation to England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Secretary of State, and
      (b) in relation to Scotland, the Scottish Ministers,
    "public" means the public generally, any section of the public or individually selected members of the public,
    "purpose" includes one of a number of purposes, and
    "tobacco advertisement" and "tobacco product" have the meaning given in section 1,
    and references to publishing include any means of publishing (and include, in particular, publishing by any electronic means, for example by means of the internet).
Commencement, short title and extent.     20. - (1) Apart from this section, this Act comes into force on such day as the appropriate Minister may by order appoint.
      (2) Different days may be appointed under subsection (1) for different provisions and for different purposes.
      (3) Such an order may include such transitional provisions and savings as the appropriate Minister considers appropriate.
      (4) This Act may be cited as the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act 2001.
      (5) This Act extends to Northern Ireland.
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Prepared 14 December 2000