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Amendment Paper as at
Thursday 8th February 2001




The Amendments have been arranged in accordance with the Order of the Committee [30th January].


Ms Yvette Cooper


Clause     11,     page     5,     line     28,     leave out from 'Broadcasting' to 'section' in line 29 and insert 'Corporation or Sianel Pedwar Cymru (the Welsh Authority referred to in'.


Yvette Cooper


Clause     17,     page     9,     line     13,     at end insert—

    '( ) No statutory instrument containing regulations under section (Displays) is to be made unless a draft of the instrument has been laid before Parliament and approved by a resolution of each House of Parliament, or laid before the Scottish Parliament and approved by a resolution of that Parliament.'.


Mrs Caroline Spelman
Mr Peter Luff


Clause     17,     page     9,     line     16,     after first 'Parliament', insert 'with respect to England, Wales and Northern Ireland'.


Mrs Caroline Spelman
Mr Peter Luff


Clause     17,     page     9,     line     16,     after second 'Parliament', insert 'with respect to Scotland'.




Yvette Cooper


To move the following Clause:—

    '(1) A person who in the course of a business displays tobacco products or causes them to be displayed in a place or on a website where tobacco products are offered for sale is guilty of an offence if the display does not comply with such requirements (if any) as may be specified by the appropriate Minister in regulations.

    (2) It is not an offence under subsection (1) for a person who does not carry on business in the United Kingdom to display or cause to be displayed tobacco products or their prices by means of a website which is accessed in the United Kingdom.

    (3) The regulations may, in particular, provide for the meaning of "place" in subsection (1).

    (4) The regulations must make provision for a display which also amounts to an advertisement to be treated for the purpose of offences under this Act—

    (a) as an advertisement and not as a display, or

    (b) as a display and not as an advertisement.'.

Review of effect of this Act


Mrs Caroline Spelman
Mr Peter Luff


To move the follow Clause:—

    '(1) The Secretary of State shall commission a reputable and appropriately qualified body to carry out a rolling study of the effects of this Act on—

    (a) the prevalence of smoking in the United Kingdom population, with particular reference to the uptake of smoking by persons under the age of 18; and

    (b) the effect of this Act on market shares of different participants in the tobacco market.

    (2) The Secretary of State shall arrange for an annual report of the findings of the study commissioned in accordance with (1) above to be presented to the Health Select Committee of the House of Commons for evaluation.'.

Tobacco Promotion Regulatory Authority


Mr Kevin Barron
David Taylor
Mr David Hinchliffe


To move the following Clause:—

    '.—(1) There shall be a body called the Tobacco Promotion Regulatory Authority.

    (2) The functions of the Authority shall be—

    (a) to examine the effectiveness of the statutory and other controls on the advertising, promotion and marketing of tobacco products, in protecting public health; and

    (b) to exercise any other functions which the Secretary of State or the Scottish Ministers, by order, prescribe for the protection of public health in relation to tobacco products;

    and to advise the appropriate ministers accordingly on the exercise of any relevant functions and duties held by them under this or other Acts.

    (3) The functions described in subsection (2)(a) above shall include, in particular, examination of:—

    (i) developments in tobacco advertising and promotional activity, and branding strategies

    (ii) possible technical or other barriers to the implementation of this Act

    (iii) marketing claims relating to the relative safety or other characteristics of particular products

    (iv) the use made of new electronic media for the promotion of tobacco products, and

    (v) the impact of transboundary communications, developments in the European Union, and other international developments, on the promotion of tobacco products in the United Kingdom.

    (4) The constitution and structure of the Authority, and its powers and those of its duly authorised representatives, shall be as prescribed by order by the Secretary of State.

    (5) The Authority shall prepare an annual report on its activities, which the Secretary of State shall lay before Parliament.'.


    That the following provisions shall apply to the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill—

Standing Committee

    1. The Bill shall be committed to a Standing Committee.

    2. Proceedings in the Standing Committee shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion on Thursday 8th February 2001.



(1) during proceedings on the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill the Standing Committee do meet on Tuesdays at half-past Ten o'clock and between half-past Four o'clock and Ten o'clock and on Thursdays at Nine o'clock and between half-past Two o'clock and Five o'clock.

(2) the order in which proceedings on the Bill are to be taken shall be Clauses 1 to 9, Clause 18, Clauses 10 to 17, Clauses 19 to 20, new Clauses and new Schedules.

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©Parliamentary copyright 2000
Prepared 8 Feb 2001