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Supplemental provisions in relation to police training - continued

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Interpretation of Part V.     100. - (1) In this Part-
    "the Authority" means the Central Police Training and Development Authority; and
    "financial year" means a period of twelve months ending with 31st March.
      (2) For the purposes of this Part the Commissioner of Police for the City of London shall be deemed to be a member of the City of London police force.
Consequential amendments relating to police training.     101. The enactments specified in Schedule 5 (amendments consequential on the provisions of this Part) shall have effect with the amendments set out in that Schedule.
Transitional arrangements relating to Authority's establishment etc.     102. - (1) The Secretary of State may, in connection with the coming into force of any provision of this Part, by order make such transitional provision and savings (including provision modifying this Part) as he thinks fit.
      (2) The Secretary of State may, for the purpose of facilitating the carrying out by the Authority of their functions or in connection with the coming into force of any provision of this Part, by order make such provision as he thinks fit-
    (a) for the transfer and apportionment of property and for the transfer, apportionment and creation of rights and liabilities;
    (b) for the transfer of members of police forces in England and Wales and other persons.
      (3) An order under this section may-
    (a) provide for the Secretary of State, or any other person nominated by or in accordance with the order, to determine any matter requiring determination under or in consequence of the order; and
    (b) make provision as to the payment of fees charged, or expenses incurred, by any person nominated to determine any matter by virtue of paragraph (a).
      (4) A statutory instrument containing an order under this section shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.
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Prepared 19 January 2001