Representation of Gibraltar at Westminster and in the European Union Bill - continued        House of Commons

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Entitlement of the Member of Parliament for Gibraltar to take part in proceedings of the House.     4. The Member of Parliament for Gibraltar shall only be entitled to take part in, and vote on, those proceedings of the House which the Speaker certifies as-
    (a) relating exclusively to Gibraltar;
    (b) relating to foreign affairs or defence; or
    (c) materially affecting the interests of Gibraltar.
Elections to the European Parliament.     5. - (1) For the purposes of European parliamentary elections held in the United Kingdom-
    (a) Gibraltar shall be regarded as if it were situated within a European Parliamentary electoral region in England; and
    (b) registered electors in Gibraltar shall be entitled to vote accordingly.
      (2) The European parliamentary electoral region in England in which electors in Gibraltar shall be entitled to vote shall be nominated in regulations made by the Secretary of State which shall be subject to-
    (a) the agreement of the Government of Gibraltar; and
    (b) approval by affirmative resolution of both Houses of Parliament.
      (3) Regulations made under subsection (2) may also make provision for the administrative arrangements and rules governing the conduct of elections arising under subsection (1).
Right of the Chief Minister of Gibraltar to petition the House of Commons.     6. The Chief Minister of Gibraltar shall have the right on application to the Speaker to petition at the bar of the House of Commons.
Short title and commencement.     7. - (1) This Act may be cited as the Representation of Gibraltar at Westminster and in the European Union Act 1998.
      (2) This Act shall not come into force until the approval of the people of Gibraltar has been given in a referendum.
      (3) Once the conditions of subsection (2) have been satisfied, the House of Assembly of Gibraltar may by resolution activate the provisions of this Act in whole or in part.
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Prepared 4 April 2001