Select Committee on Defence Ninth Report


Wednesday 2 May 2001

Ministry of Defence

Sir Robert Walmsley KCB, Chief of Defence Procurement, Vice-Admiral Sir Jeremy

Blackham KCB, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Equipment Capability), Ministry of Defence


1.  Memorandum from the Ministry of Defence (10 April 2001)

-  Tactical Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment Requirement (TRACER)

-Airlift Assets: C-17

-Airlift Assets: A400M

-  Future Carrier-Borne Aircraft (FCBA)

-Future Carriers (CVF)


-Type 45 Anti-Air Warfare Destroyer and its Principal Anti-Air Missile

System (PAAMS)



-  Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM)

-Kosovo-Related Urgent Operational Requirements: Interim Precision

Guided Bomb, Maverick, and Secure Air to Air Communications

-  Sea Lift Assets: Roll-on-Roll-off Ships

2. Letter from the Minister of State for Defence Procurement concerning ASRAAM

(10 April 2001)

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Prepared 14 May 2001