Select Committee on Defence Ninth Report


Session 1997-98

FIRST REPORT: Peace Support Operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, HC 403, published on 8 December 1998.

SECOND REPORT: Draft Visiting Forces and International Headquarters (Application of Law) (Amendment) Order 1998, HC 521, published on 2 February 1998.

THIRD REPORT: NATO Enlargement, HC 469, published on 2 April 1998.

FOURTH REPORT: Lessons of the Chinook Crash on the Mull of Kintyre, HC 611, published on 18 May 1998.

FIFTH REPORT: The Reserves Call Out Order 1998, Etc.,HC 868, published on 10 August 1998.

SIXTH REPORT: The Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, HC 621, published on 6 July 1998.

SEVENTH REPORT: Aspects of Defence Procurement and Industrial Policy, HC 675 (also Eighth Report from the Trade and Industry Committee), published on 23 July 1998.

EIGHTH REPORT: The Strategic Defence Review, HC 138 (volumes I-III), published on 10 September 1998.

Session 1998-99

FIRST REPORT: The Strategic Defence Review: Territorial Army Restructuring, HC 70, published on 22 February 1999.

SECOND REPORT: The Appointment of the new Head of Defence Export Services, HC 147, published on 31 March 1999.

THIRD REPORT: The Future of NATO: The Washington Summit, HC 39, published on 13 April 1999.

FOURTH REPORT: The Draft Visiting Forces and International Headquarters (Application of Law) Order 1999 and the Draft International Headquarters and Defence Organisations (Designations and Privileges) (Amendment) Order 1999, HC 399, published on 23 April 1999.

FIFTH REPORT: Security of Supply and the Future of Royal Ordnance Factory Bishopton, HC 274, published on 28 May 1999.

SIXTH REPORT: The Reserves Call Out Order 1999 and Progress of Territorial Army Restructuring, HC 860, published on 8 November 1999.

SEVENTH REPORT: The Strategic Defence Review: Defence Medical Services, HC 447, published on 4 November 1999.

EIGHTH REPORT: Major Procurement Projects Survey: The Common New Generation Frigate Programme, HC 544, published on 10 November 1999.

NINTH REPORT: Defence Research, HC 616, published on 10 November 1999.

Session 1999-2000

FIRST REPORT: The OCCAR Convention, HC 69, published on 6 December 1999.

SECOND REPORT: Ministry of Defence Annual Reporting Cycle, HC 158, published on 10 February 2000.

THIRD REPORT: Annual Reports for 1997 and 1998 on Strategic Export Controls, HC 225, published on 11 February 2000.

FOURTH REPORT: Armed Forces Discipline Bill [Lords], HC 253, published on 16 February 2000.

FIFTH REPORT: The Defence Geographic and Imagery Intelligence Agency, HC 100, published on 10 April 2000.

SIXTH REPORT: The Appointment of the New Chief Scientific Adviser, HC 318, published on 9 May 2000.

SEVENTH REPORT: Gulf Veterans' Illnesses, HC 125, published on 11 May 2000.

EIGHTH REPORT: European Security and Defence, HC 264, published on 11 May 2000.

NINTH REPORT: The Future of DERA, HC 462, published on 20 June 2000.

TENTH REPORT: Major Procurement Projects, HC 528, published on 6 July 2000.

ELEVENTH REPORT: Strategic Export Controls: Further Report and Parliamentary Prior Scrutiny, HC 467, published on 25 July 2000.

TWELFTH REPORT: The Adaptation of the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe, HC 295, published on 2 August 2000.

THIRTEENTH REPORT: Iraqi No-Fly Zones, HC 453, published on 2 August 2000.

FOURTEENTH REPORT: Lessons of Kosovo, HC 347, published on 24 October 2000.

Session 2000-01

FIRST REPORT: The Six-Nation Framework Agreement (HC 115), published on 14 February 2001.

SECOND REPORT: The Strategic Defence Review: Policy for People (HC 29), published on 23 February 2001.

THIRD REPORT: Strategic Export Controls: Annual report for 1999 and parliamentary prior scrutiny (HC 212), published on 14 March 2001.

FOURTH REPORT: The Draft Defence Aviation Repair Agency Trading Fund Order 2001 (HC 261), published on 13 March 2001.

FIFTH REPORT: The Draft Defence Science and Technology Laboratory Trading Fund Order 2001 (HC 289), published on 13 March 2001.

SIXTH REPORT: The Strategic Defence Review: The Reserves (HC 412) incorporating HC 976 of Session 1999-2000, published on 10 April 2001.

SEVENTH REPORT: The Draft Export Control and Non-Proliferation Bill (HC 445), published on 9 May 2001.

EIGHTH REPORT: The MoD's Annual Reporting Cycle 2000-01 (HC 144), published on 9 May.

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