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Mr. Viggers: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many cases of MRSA have been detected in NHS hospitals; what steps including ward closures have been taken to prevent the spread of the infection; and what has been the resulting loss of medical facilities which would otherwise have been available. [141379]

Mr. Denham: The Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS) compiles aggregate data on numbers of incidents of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which are voluntarily submitted by trusts for specialist microbiological tests. These are given in the table.

Data on Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemias (blood infections) showing the proportion resistant to methicillin in England and Wales are published quarterly by the PHLS in their Communicable Disease Report, copies of which are available in the Library of the House. More comprehensive information about bacteraemias, including MRSA, will be collected from all acute trusts from 1 April 2001 and data will be published from 1 April 2002.

13 Dec 2000 : Column: 185W

The other information requested is not held centrally.

Incidents of MRSA 1996-1998

Anglia and Oxford237297223
North Thames539544289
North West 176259215
Northern and Yorkshire150224202
South and West206254101
South Thames421385220
West Midlands12110269

Incidents of MRSA 1999-2000

Northern and Yorkshire17040
North West18050
South East17060
South West4010
West Midlands3030


1. For 1996 and the first half of 1997 data have been amalgamated to the approximate boundaries of the new Regional Office areas. This allows for comparison with subsequent years.

2. An incident is three or more patients infected or colonised by the same strain of MRSA in the same month from the same hospital.

3. The criteria for submission of isolates of MRSA (and other isolates of staphylococcus aureus) to the PHLS for specialist tests have been revised twice since 1996 (in January 1998 and in January 2000).

4. These revised criteria have led to a fall in the number of incidents of MRSA that were reported to the PHLS.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Mr. Wigley: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will take steps to provide for the reclassification of hormone replacement therapy so that it qualifies for medical exemption certificate. [141367]

Mr. Denham: We reviewed the prescription charging arrangements as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review and concluded that the present arrangements should remain for the rest of this Parliament. Our policy is that, with the exception of contraceptives, exemption applies to the individual's medical condition rather than the type of medication prescribed. Charging arrangements in Wales are a matter for the National Assembly for Wales.

Child Asylum Seekers

Ms Kelly: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many separated children seeking asylum were accommodated in bed and breakfast hostels and hotel annexes in each of the last three years in (a) Britain, (b) each region and (c) Bolton; and how many of these were under the age of 16. [142042]

13 Dec 2000 : Column: 186W

Mr. Hutton: Statistics on the number of unaccompanied asylum seeking children accommodated in bed and breakfast hostels and hotel annexes are not held centrally.

Mr. Lidington: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how much grant was (a) claimed by and (b) awarded to each local authority in England and Wales for the cost of supporting unaccompanied children who were asylum seekers in (i) 1996-97, (ii) 1997-98, (iii) 1998-99, (iv) 1999-2000 and (v) the period since 1 April. [142446]

Mr. Hutton [holding answer 12 December 2000]: The amount of grant (a) claimed by and (b) awarded to each local authority in England for the cost of supporting unaccompanied asylum seeking children in the grant years 1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99 and 1999-2000 is set out in the tables. Claims covering the period since 1 April 2000 have not yet been submitted by local authorities. Comparable figures for Wales are not available.


A cash limited grant of £3 million was allocated on a pro-rata basis to qualifying authorities. In 1996-97, local authorities who qualified for payment of the special grant were those whose eligible expenditure on unaccompanied asylum seeking children exceeded 5 per cent. of the 1996-97 standard spending assessment for children's personal social services.


Local authorityAmount claimedAmount paid
City of London12,9092,044


The same grant conditions applied as in 1996-97.


Local authorityAmount claimedAmount paid
City of London29,25432,616


1. Hillingdon was overpaid by £749,810 in 1996-97 due to (a) a much higher estimated than actual expenditure (b) disallowance of no eligible spending.

2. Westminster was underpaid by £400,016 in 1996-97 due to a lower estimated than actual expenditure.

3. Kensington was underpaid by £103,882 in 1996-97 due to a lower estimated than actual expenditure.

4. City of London was underpaid by £14,362 in 1996-97 due to a lower estimated than actual expenditure.


The grant was allocated to local authorities on the basis of actual expenditure incurred between 1 April 1998 and 29 January 1999, and estimated expenditure for the period 30 January 1999 to 31 March 1999, up to a maximum of £400 per week for each child aged 15 years or under, and £200 per week for each child aged 16 or 17.

13 Dec 2000 : Column: 187W


Local authorityAmount claimedAmount paid to local authority
Barking and Dagenham LB957,377.00957,377.00
Barnet LB344,416.03344,416.03
Bexley LB147,434.00147,200.00
Birmingham CC29,629.9829,629.98
Brent LB647,154.59647,154.59
Bristol CC10,651.6510,651.65
Bromley LB254,000.00254,000.00
Buckinghamshire CC17,000.0017,000.00
Cambridgeshire CC19,200.0019,200.00
Camden LB964,803.00964,803.00
Cheshire CC800.00800.00
Croydon LB1,695,619.00954,050.00
Dudley MB12,136.6612,136.66
Ealing LB478,771.00444,800.00
East Sussex CC8,255.248,255.24
Enfield LB144,600.00144,600.00
Essex CC168,338.03168,338.03
Gloucestershire CC9,475.009,475.00
Greenwich LB147,629.01147,629.01
Hackney LB375,668.36375,668.36
Hammersmith and Fulham LB1,412,000.001,412,000.00
Haringey LB1,695,278.681,355,200.00
Harrow LB98,503.0098,503.00
Havering LB47,600.0047,600.00
Hillingdon LB1,928,200.001,843,352.00
Hounslow LB101,955.00101,955.00
Islington LB1,405,400.001,405,400.00
Kensington and Chelsea646,924.00704,613.00
Kent CC1,502,095.001,425,200.00
Kingston upon Hull CC36,127.0036,127.00
Lambeth LB140,457.00140,457.00
Lancashire CC4,200.004,200.00
Leicester CC3,135.123,135.12
Leicestershire CC733.45733.45
Lewisham LB357,233.00357,233.00
Lincolnshire CC47,876.7647,876.76
Liverpool CC2,844.322,844.32
Luton BC12,793.2012,793.20
Medway CC68,671.1668,671.16
Merton LB119,878.95119,878.95
North East Lincolnshire CC9,460.009,460.00
Newham LB211,055.39211,055.39
Norfolk CC18,388.0018,388.00
North Somerset CC9,804.669,804.66
Nottingham CC12,342.7912,342.79
Nottinghamshire CC17,504.9517,504.95
Oxfordshire CC44,417.9544,417.95
Portsmouth CC1,095.001,095.00
Redbridge LB195,277.00195,277.00
Redcar and Cleveland CC17,156.8117,156.81
Rutland CC12,460.0012,460.00
Salford CC3,404.003,404.00
Sandwell CC24,000.0024,000.00
Sefton CC55,315.8028,600.00
Sheffield CC24,296.0024,296.00
Solihull MBC533.00533.00
South Gloucestershire CC5,800.005,800.00
Southend on Sea BC12,136.0012,136.00
Southwark LB501,000.00501,000.00
Staffordshire CC102,744.45102,744.45
Surrey CC41,000.0041,000.00
Sutton LB82,471.5582,471.55
Swindon BC26,974.0026,974.00
Thurrock CC51,758.7451,758.74
Tower Hamlets LB77,800.0077,800.00
Wakefield MDC11,868.0511,868.05
Waltham Forest LB193,209.00193,209.00
Wandsworth LB625,600.00625,600.00
Warrington BC1,680.001,680.00
Warwickshire CC21,500.0021,500.00
West Sussex CC587,000.00587,000.00
Westminster CC1,879,200.001,844,178.00
Wiltshire CC6,581.006,581.00
York City Council460.00400.00

13 Dec 2000 : Column: 188W


The same grant conditions applied as in 1998-99 but the £400/£200 rate for each child was increased to £500/£300 for those local authorities with the highest numbers of unaccompanied children (Barking and Dagenham, Croydon, Hammersmith and Fulham, Haringey, Hillingdon, Islington, Kent, Lambeth, Redbridge, Richmond-upon-Thames, Southwark, Westminster).

Payments for 1999-2000 were made in February 2000, based on actual expenditure from 1 April 1999 to 28 January 2000 and estimated expenditure from 29 January 2000 to 31 March 2000. Therefore, the figures in the following table are provisional and subject to final audit and adjustment in January 2001.


Local authorityAmount claimedAmount paid to local authority(9)
Barking and Dagenham LB1,642,392.00(9)1,672,523.13
Barnet LB587,000.00(9)552,383.97
Bath and North East Somerset CC3,939.203,939.20
Bedfordshire CC98,400.0098,400.00
Bexley LB600,435.00(9)601,908.00
Birmingham CC168,367.85(9)164,619.97
Brent LB380,460.19(9)350,092.07
Brighton and Hove27,493.7227,493.72
Bristol CC116,600.00(9)117,310.03
Bromley LB380,000.00(9)370,366.00
Buckinghamshire CC17,352.31(9)14,518.41
Camden LB1,046,400.00(9)900,561.00
Cheshire CC2,141.832,141.83
Corporation of London11,000.0011,000.00
Croydon LB1,657,745.00(9)1,633,838.00
Darlington BC2,600.00(9)1,703.20
Derby City C3,518.00(9)-1,153.56
Dorset CC2,413.002,413.00
Dudley MB19,718.73(9)10,406.84
Ealing LB1,027,000.00(9)1,027,800.00
East Sussex CC13,263.00(9)16,304.19
Enfield LB513,900.00(9)538,327.00
Essex CC333,200.00(9)352,729.53
Gateshead MBC1,241.291,241.29
Gloucestershire CC40,830.00(9)40,774.00
Greenwich LB279,923.00(9)255,877.75
Hackney LB589,733.93(9)526,400.00
Hammersmith and Fulham LB1,764,600.00(9)2,465,500.00
Hampshire CC40,584.6540,584.65
Haringey LB3,102,200.00(9)2,919,800.00
Harrow LB474,800.00(9)466,392.00
Havering LB544,400.00(9)507,670.00
Hillingdon LB4,232,061.00(9)5,811,933.71
Hounslow LB141,334.87(9)141,334.87
Islington LB3,821,140.00(9)4,137,079.00
Kensington and Chelsea RB1,496,800.00(9)1,813,409.00
Kent CC5,163,600.00(9)7,102,853.00
Kirklees MBC6,628.60(9)5,970.36
Kingston upon Hull CC13,326.42(9)14,366.42
Lambeth LB2,281,400.00(9)2,454,965.00
Lancashire CC1,967.00(9)2,167.00
Leeds CC5,025.535,025.53
Leicester CC57,969.4757,969.47
Leicestershire CC37,164.36(9)38,072.41
Lewisham LB952,921.00(9)902,130.00
Lincolnshire CC67,593.33(9)59,335.68
Liverpool CC18,630.65(9)20,309.65
Luton BC0(9)-12,793.20
Medway CC83,951.56(9)82,853.73
Merton LB274,288.88(9)275,905.88
Milton Keynes MBC3,942.273,942.27
Newcastle upon Tyne39,200.00(9)35,959.50
Newham LB276,878.97276,878.97
Norfolk CC44,143.92(9)48,129.92
Northamptonshire CC255,891.16(9)259,456.16
North Lincolnshire223.45(9)-375.85
North East Lincolnshire CC73,589.58(9)73,689.67
North Somerset CC9,804.669,804.66
Nottingham CC59,200.00(9)56,272.96
Nottinghamshire CC33,851.30(9)33,724.87
Oxfordshire CC210,465.90(9)211,827.90
Portsmouth CC16,400.00(9)14,619.00
Redbridge LB1,359,072.00(9)1,204,239.00
Redcar and Cleveland CC18,731.66(9)18,275.21
Rutland CC1,969.95(9)2,905.95
Salford CC0(9)-136.00
Sandwell CC18,000.00(9)38,800.00
Sefton MBC0(9)-1,880.00
Sheffield CC67,140.00(9)42,744.00
Shropshire CC986.00(9)9,141.00
Slough BC64,200.00(9)-14,001.00
Solihull CC10,605.00(9)10,925.00
Somerset CC12,184.9512,184.95
South Gloucestershire CC23,496.35(9)23,113.35
Southampton CC19,504.0319,504.03
Southend on Sea BC49,115.05(9)52,867.05
Southwark LB1,893,200.00(9)1,784,700.00
Staffordshire CC128,182.47(9)123,430.88
Suffolk CC90,319.35(9)88,902.24
Surrey CC107,385.00(9)109,585.00
Sutton LB482,000.00(9)361,706.00
Swindon BC84,949.00(9)90,417.00
Thurrock CC161,817.11(9)168,057.16
Tower Hamlets LB186,200.00(9)191,000.00
Trafford MBC930.00930.00
Wakefield MDC53,560.40(9)45,566.08
Walsall MBC9,996.009,916.00
Waltham Forest LB725,025.00(9)725,025.00
Wandsworth LB407,190.30(9)485,134.30
Warrington BC28,500.00(9)27,121.40
Warwickshire CC101,726.17(9)81,050.17
West Sussex CC958,642.00(9)968,242.00
Westminster CC1,932,800.00(9)2,529,900.00
Wiltshire CC7,400.00(9)5,963.00
Wolverhampton MBC907.59(9)-4,494.59
Worcestershire CC40,714.9640,714.96

(9) Amounts of grant paid reflects adjustments for credit/debit for UASC Grant 1998-99 and Families and Adult grants for 1998-99

13 Dec 2000 : Column: 189W

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