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Official Publications

Mr. Clappison: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what his Department's spending on official publications was for (a) 1996-97, (b) 1997-98, (c) 1998-99, (d) 1999-2000 and (e) 2000-01; and what the planned expenditure is for 2001-02. [141449]

Mr. Straw [holding answer 11 December 2000]: Total annual figures for spending on official publications are available for the financial years 1997-98 onwards. Collated data are not available for the cost of publications produced in 1996-97. For figures 1997-98 and 1998-99,

21 Dec 2000 : Column: 316W

I refer the hon. Member to my reply to the right hon. Member for Penrith and The Border (Mr. Maclean) on 25 October 1999, Official Report, column 693W, which confirmed annual total expenditure of 1997-98 £4,600,752 and 1998-99 £4,339,587 respectively.

The total expenditure for 1999-2000 was £3,348,854 and current expenditure for 2000-2001 to date is £2,541,317.

It is at this time not possible to provide any figures for planned expenditure for the financial year 2001-02.

Mr. Clappison: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list each new publication issued by his Department since 1997; and what the total cost is to the Department of each publication. [141462]

Mr. Straw [holding answer 11 December 2000]: Detailed figures for the production of new publications for the Home Department are available only from 1 April 1999, when the total Department's publications budget became centralised.

Before this, individual Directorates within the Home Department were responsible for production of and payment for publications. It is not therefore possible to provide a complete list of new publications or costs prior to this date.

The following lists cover the financial years 1999-2000 and 1 April 2000 to date (6 December 2000). These costs include preparation, production and purchase of copies for official use, but not staff costs.

New publications produced by Communication Directorate from 1 April 1999 to 31 March 2000

Active Community Unit: Supporting Families9,532
Active Community Unit: Policy Action4,920
Active Community Unit: Giving Time Getting Involved4,933
Active Community Unit: Strengthening3,552
Active Community Unit: Family Policy500
Active Community Unit: Listen-Up Document6,500
Criminal Justice Consultative Council: Summary of Activities2,446
HMI Probation: Probation Service2,501
HMI Probation: Gwent4,792
HMI Probation: Gwent Q&E Report2,280
HMI Probation: 1998 Annual Report4,068
HMI Probation: Powys4,367
HMI Probation: Test1,386
HMI Probation: West Midlands5,926
HMI Probation: Staffordshire4,980
HMI Probation: Shropshire5,395
HMI Probation: Warwickshire5,368
HMI Probation: Hereford and Worcs.4,936
HMI Probation: Region 12,605
HMI Probation: Region 217,069
Victim Perspective7,154
Integrating Business and Information Systems: Strategic Plan/Leaflet27,060
Justice and Victims Unit: Homicide Leaflets1,490
Action for Justice1,875
Vulnerable/Intimidated Witness587
Victims of Crime (language versions)33,668
Release of Prisoners8,451
Planning to Protect2,890
Juvenile Offenders Unit: Implementation Guidance3,088
Court Ordered Secure Remand1,100
Probation Service Inf. Strategy 5,283
Probation: Extended Sentences2,255
Probation Service Booklets12,088
Probation: What Works5,329
Probation Service/Sex Offenders1,310
Probation: National Systems50,537
Domestic Violence:Inter-Agency Guide8,940
European Elections Leaflet466,902
Police Policy: Dismantling Barriers701
Police Policy: Mega Mela Leaflet2,450
Police: Graduate Opportunities10,225
Prisons Ombudsman Annual Report7,116
Prisons Ombudsman: Leaflets3,635
Human Rights: Whitehall Guidance Materials25,696
Human Rights: Task Force7,254
Human Rights: Introductory Guide16,740
Human Rights: Core Guidance11,290
Emergency Planning Materials6,080
Millennium Bug Leaflet4,288
Joint Charter1,291
Home Office Annual Report15,200
Home Office Business Plan5,000
Home Office Recruitment5,555
Racial Equality in Public Services19,460
CCTV Prospectus2,184
Making Arrests1,664
Neighbourhood Watch Report1,680
Crime Reduction: Pathfinders Report26,142
Tackling Vehicle Crime6,210
Ministerial Tour Materials10,140
Retail Crime1,699
Crime Reduction Strategy34,097
Cardiff Crime Leaflet1,327
Neighbourhood Watch Package20,640
Vehicle Key Code1,280
Drugs Prevention Advisory Service: Briefing Papers18,280
Drugs Prevention Advisory Service: Our Developing Prevention Agency4,034
Drugs Prevention Advisory Service: Report and Summary9,669
Drugs Prevention Advisory Service: Guidance Manual8,424
Drugs Prevention Advisory Service: Drugs and Young Offenders5,980
Drugs Prevention Advisory Service: Compendium25,813
Fire Safety: Candles Leaflet12,707
Fire Safety: Guidance 'Toolbox'40,000
Fire Safety: Escape Plans32,714
Fire Action Plan (languages)3,353
Chief Inspector of Prisons: Annual Report6,780
CM 4355 Draft Legislation4,159
Youth Justice803
Immigration and Asylum Bill4,258
Interception/Communications Report4,753
Data Protection Act6,097
Funding of Political Parties7,552
Animal Procedures Report19,953
Private Office Misc. Reports82,318
Legal Advisers: Building A Safe Just and Tolerant Society2,350
Lawyers in the Home Office493
Misuse of Drugs3,418
Legal: Lighters Refill1,675
Prevention of Terrorism1,498
Statutory Instruments35,309
HMI Constabulary--Managing Learning18,696
HMI Constabulary--Cumbria2,292
HMI Constabulary--West Yorkshire2,342
HMI Constabulary--Briefing Paper747
HMI Constabulary--Essex Police3,330
How Long Youth Cases Take980
National Criminal Intelligence2,798
HMI Constabulary: Hampshire2,317
HMI Constabulary: Metropolitan Police7,492
HMI Constabulary: Leicestershire2,021
HMI Constabulary: Inspection into Integrity10,930
HMI Constabulary: Strategy4,527
HMI Constabulary: Annual Report4,923
HMI Constabulary: Reports101,190
Sentencing and Offenders: Booklet4,397
Rehabilitation of Offenders1,219
Anti-Social Behaviour Booklet4,072
Rehabilitation of Offenders1,219
Detention/Young Offenders1,081

21 Dec 2000 : Column: 318W

Departmental Policies (Blackpool, South)

Mr. Gordon Marsden: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will set out, including statistical information relating as directly as possible to the constituency, the effect on the Blackpool, South constituency of his Department's policies and actions since 2 May 1997. [142226]

Mr. Straw: The Home Office is working to build a safe, just and tolerant society in which the rights and responsibilities of individuals, families and communities are properly balanced, and the protection and security of the public are maintained. Detailed information on the impact of Home Office policies across the full range of responsibilities is set out in Home Office annual reports. A copy of the most recent report, "Home Office Annual Report 1999-2000", is available in the Library.

The impact of Home Office policies and actions is not normally examined by constituency and the statistics which the Department collects cannot be matched in the way requested. However, the following are examples relating to Blackpool, South constituency or the immediate locality:

Crime data for all recorded offences are collected centrally at police force area level. Blackpool, South forms part of the Western Division of the Lancashire Constabulary, who have provided the following information on the overall number of recorded crimes in this Division:

These figures are not, however, directly comparable as there was a change in counting rules for recorded crime on 1 April 1998, which laid more emphasis on measurement of one crime per victim, and also expanded the coverage of offences.

A number of projects have been funded in Blackpool under the Crime Reduction Programme:

More generally, all of the policies of the Home Office will impact on the residents of Blackpool, South to a greater or lesser extent. For example:

21 Dec 2000 : Column: 319W

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