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Mr. Cousins: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department how many mortgage repossession actions were (a) entered and (b) suspended in each quarter since 1 January 1999. [146397]

Jane Kennedy: The information requested is as follows:

All mortgage possession figures
Mortgage possession figuresActions enteredSuspended orders
January-December 1999
January-December 2000

(15) Figures for December 2000 are not currently available

22 Jan 2001 : Column: 468W

Courts and Legal Services Act 1990

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department if it is his intention to implement section 13 of the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990. [146396]

Mr. Lock: The comprehensive review of enforcement of civil court judgments, as announced by the Lord Chancellor on 25 March 1998, includes consideration of section 13. Proposals are being developed on this strand of the review and we shall consult on these in due course.

County Court Judgments

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department what proposals he has to implement his report on the First Phase of the Enforcement Review relating to allowing charging orders for payment arrears on county court judgments. [146398]

Mr. Lock: Since publication of the Review I have had representations from the debt advice sector and some hon. Members raising new issues in regard to charging orders. Following these representations I will be looking at this proposal in more detail and will be consulting further before any changes come into effect.

Criminal Justice Review (Northern Ireland)

Mr. McNamara: To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department on how many occasions the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland has met the leaders of political parties in Northern Ireland since the publication of the Criminal Justice Review; which leaders he has met; and what matters were discussed. [144924]

Mr. Lock: This is a matter for the Lord Chief Justice. The Lord Chancellor understands from him that he has not met any political leaders on the Criminal Justice Review or any other matter, and that he would not think it proper for him to discuss policy matters with political parties.


Political Appointments

Mr. Chidgey: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office how many (a) special advisers, (b) political advisers and (c) political appointees were employed in each financial year since 1994-95; and what the cost was to public funds including recruitment costs, salaries, pensions, National Insurance contributions and support staff. [144115]

22 Jan 2001 : Column: 469W

Marjorie Mowlam: There are currently 78 special advisers in post. The estimated paybill for special advisers in the financial year 2000-01 is £4.4 million. The numbers and pay costs of special advisers in earlier years is as follows:

£ million

YearNumber of special advisers in postCost(16)

(16)Costs include pensions (from May 1997) and salaries. Special Advisers are not normally recruited through open competition. The only exception to this process was the post of UK anti-drugs co-ordinator which was advertised. Recruitment costs for the post of UK anti-drugs co-ordinator are included in cost for 1997-98.

Government Annual Report

Mr. Clappison: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office how many copies of the Government's annual report 1999-2000 have been (a) sold, (b) given away and (c) returned unsold; how many copies are held in stock; and what is the cost of the annual report. [144130]

Marjorie Mowlam: Approximately 10,000 copies of the Government Annual Report 1999-2000 were sold; 4,000 were given away; and 7,000 were returned unsold from bookshops. (Those unwanted copies which were distributed via a magazine distribution company were not returned but recycled alongside other unsold magazines). Six thousand copies are currently held in stock. The cost of the Government Annual Report 1999-2000 was £125,000.


Mr. Gibb: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office if she will list the Ministers with responsibility for deregulation in each Department. [146231]

Mr. Stringer: Here in the Cabinet Office, I am the Minister with lead responsibility for regulatory reform matters and my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State chairs the Panel for Regulatory Accountability. The Ministers responsible for Regulatory Reform in other Departments are as follows:

Honours System

Mr. Ben Chapman: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office if she will make a statement on the operation of the honours system. [145321]

22 Jan 2001 : Column: 470W

The Prime Minister: I am answering this question as it relates to matters for which I am responsible.

The honours lists which I recommend to the Queen include the names of around 1,000 people in all walks of life whose achievements deserve recognition.


Police Service (HIV-positive Employees)

Mr. Gerrard: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what policies are in place within the police service to ensure that employees with HIV are protected against discrimination. [146035]

Mr. Charles Clarke: The police service is committed to treating people fairly in all circumstances. The police code of conduct provides that officers should treat colleagues with courtesy and respect, avoiding abusive or deriding attitudes or behaviour. In particular, officers must avoid all forms of harassment, victimisation or unreasonable discrimination. An officer who breaches the code is liable to a range of sanctions, the most serious of which is dismissal.

Departmental Projects

Mr. Brady: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list the projects undertaken for his Department by (a) outside consultants, (b) academic researchers and (c) university departments since 1 May 1997, giving the total expenditure incurred in each category. [144083]

Mr. Straw: The information required is not available in the format requested and could only be obtained at disproportionate cost. In order to provide the hon. Member with as full an answer as possible I list details of projects undertaken by external consultants for which information is held.

Task/projectValue (£)
Advice to PPD on Candidature for IiP2,000
Advise Home Secretary on Police Training20,000
To Complete work on thematic inspection10,400
Quality awareness and IT training8,000
Firearms Section Database26,000
Race awareness training for staff5,000
Advice on CJS IS strategy6,500
Strategy--impact of PFI82,850
Post implementation review27,650
Study on internet technologies and Services19,875
Researching technical problems8,970
Developing Internal Communications in HO50,000
To review and identify ways of improving practices in HO press office46,000
To devise an external communications strategy14,000
Specialist advice: Trusts2,500
Specialist advice: banks, building societies5,000
Specialist advice: investment and securities5,000
Specialist advice: insurance and pensions5,500
Review of broader relationships between Tote and private sector95,000
Consultancy support to provide advice to the HO on the valuation of the Tote95,000
Financial and business advice to the HO127,585
Development of resource accounting48,000
Fire service college80,000
Mock IiP assessment2,000
IT 2000851,646
Evaluation Pay and Grading1,350
Interception of Communication Legislation10,000
To participate in HMFSI's Culture and Organisational Review Project5,800
Specialist advice for the first thematic review on aspects of racial equality12,500
Assist the Inspectorate's Inspection Team5,000
Control room amalgamation in emergency services10,000
Post assessment centre feedback110
Post assessment centre feedback388
Development of specialised job simulation exercises2,800
Development of specialised job simulation exercises840
Development of specialised job simulation exercises840
Development of specialised job simulation exercises426
Development of specialised job simulation exercises355
Development of specialised job simulation exercises426
Business Recovery Strategy for IND35,500
Cost and Size prospective asylum seekers support agency25,377
Support and Specification Consultant10,000
Assist and development system security10,000
Report on the Channel Islands104,000
CSR Review25,000
Independent Advice to the CJS review50,000
Review of National Police Training15,000
Review of Planning and Finance Directorate30,000
Review of the Senior Management Review49,000
Specialist Financial Advice80,000
Outplacement Consultancy132,280
Project Planning Assistance19,625
Business and Systems Analysis70,000
Technical Construction50,000
Studies associated with establishing the CRA35,805
Police Gazette Survey21,095
External training consultants brought in to provide IT Training and Quality Awareness3,775
External training consultants brought in to provide IT Training and Quality Awareness3,188
NVQ for the Police Service30,935
Assessment of Marketing Procedure4,550
Financial Advisers to NCIS8,000
Writing services for Police Probationer training15,000
Writing services for Police Probationer training18,000
Writing services for Police Probationer training3,100
Procurement Specialist for PRCD42,000
Effects of burst interference on TETRA mobile receiver42,445
Consultancy for the Study of Radio Network Resilience32,000
Marketing Strategy for Bramshill NPT2,400
Cost/benefit Economies of Scale analysis32,250
Production of a training programme for Promoted Inspectors65,000
Production of a training programme for Promoted Inspectors11,700
Infrastructure Projects risk management7,000
NSPIS risk management20,000
Financial evaluations on the electronic monitoring programme550,000
Legal Advice for electronic monitoring programme15,000
Testing Advice and preparation of testing specification23,700
Procurement Adviser electronic monitoring programme15,000


These figures represent use of consultants from the period from 1 May 1997 to 31 March 1999

22 Jan 2001 : Column: 471W

I would also refer the hon. Member to the reply I gave my hon. Friend the Member for Hull, North (Mr. McNamara) on 6 April 1998, Official Report, columns 28-32W, and to the reply given to the hon. Member for Southwark, North and Bermondsey (Mr. Hughes) on 19 June 2000, Official Report, columns 97-98W, for details of research projects undertaken by my Research Department and Statistics Directorate.

22 Jan 2001 : Column: 472W

The Research Development and Statistics Directorate research programme for 2000-01 is also available on the Home Office website: rdshome.htm.

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