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Civil Service Pension Fund

Mrs. Lait: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office what progress is being made on closing the Civil Service Pension Fund to new entrants; and if she will make a statement. [148902]

Mr. Stringer: Plans are progressing for the introduction of new pension arrangements for the Civil Service. Our intention is for new entrants to be given a choice between new defined benefit pension arrangements, and defined contribution arrangements whereby the employer will make contributions to a stakeholder pension selected by the employee from a panel of providers. Existing members of the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme will be given the choice of remaining with their current benefit structure or of paying the higher contributions associated with the new defined benefit arrangement. Our working assumption is for the new arrangements to be introduced from 1 October 2002.

Civil Service

Mr. Ernie Ross: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office how many staff, excluding those working for bodies responsible to the regional assemblies and the Scottish Parliament, are employed in the UK Civil Service, broken down by Department and place of employment. [148716]

Mr. Stringer: The numbers and location of all staff are shown in the table.

7 Feb 2001 : Column: 543W

Regional distribution of staff at 1 April 1999 by Government office region
(21)Full-time equivalents

Government office regions
Department (including agencies)LondonSouth East LondonTotal London and South EastSouth WestWest MidlandNorth WestNorth EastMerseyside
Non-industrial staff
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food2,9439773,9201,2566387974443
Cabinet Office1,3532711,6241518181171
Crown Prosecution Service1,3115141,825338534649240201
Customs and Excise5,5533,7259,2789541,0111,5485301,061
Culture, Media and Sport581058100000
Education and Employment7,1222,1409,2622,2472,5294,2002,42595
Environment, Transport and Regions3,8461,3405,1861,6999901,06424475
Health and Safety Executive/Commission6811548357316513701,225
Foreign and Commonwealth Office4,64104,64100000
HM Land Registry7785061,2841,5286191,1670486
Home Office5,8041,0776,88121262537765717
HM Prison Service4,5616,16410,7252,5603,2923,7702,712716
Inland Revenue8,4196,29014,7093,9063,9565,4976,9382,797
International Development689068900000
Intervention Board09339330002620
Lord Chancellor's Department5,3911,1136,50435866568897323
National Statistics7806761,456001170545
Ordnance Survey121,4381,4506051411811
Registers of Scotland00000000
Scottish Office2602600000
Scottish Prison Service00000000
Social Security8,9465,52014,4665,0026,44916,3529,3243,565
Trade and Industry4,5132604,77323541524121385
Welsh Office1701700000
Royal Mint1601600000
Other Departments3,5231033,6265,07938912174192
All permanent non-industrial staff83,16650,691133,85744,54627,71538,58623,98512,889
Government office for the Regions(22)22914036915916521514935
Non-industrial casual staff(23)2,7171,4764,1931,0231,0912,1331,103495
Industrial staff
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food00010000
Cabinet Office3980398013100
Environment, Transport and Regions111223131620710
Home Office9918414600
HM Prison Service18645664225431330616325
Royal Mint00000000
Scottish Office00000000
Social Security000160000
Welsh Office00000000
Other Departments00000000
All permanent industrial staff1,2545,9227,1764,3033,284754479115
Industrial Casual Staff(23)52.3106.9159.2120.55735.812.53.4
All Permanent Staff84,42056,613141,03348,84930,99939,34024,46413,004
All Staff87,18958,196145,38549,99232,14741,50925,58013,503

7 Feb 2001 : Column: 545W

(21)Full-time equivalents

Government office regions
Department (including agencies)Yorkshire and HumbersideEast MidlandsEasternWalesScotlandNorthern IrelandUnreported and elsewhereAll areas
Non-industrial staff
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food1,44736490939926001810,455
Cabinet Office00191015052,067
Crown Prosecution Service5913473023230005,349
Customs and Excise9259833,8235451,3575556922,519
Culture, Media and Sport0000000581
Education and Employment5,4582,6383541,7363,1450034,087
Environment, Transport and Regions5815108073,67963224015,490
Health and Safety Executive/Commission507266191103269003,770
Foreign and Commonwealth Office0082500005,465
HM Land Registry4358428176080007,786
Home Office393715634392421051610,706
HM Prison Service3,9673,0063,252664001,43236,096
Inland Revenue5,0513,9513,5483,8226,0071,1144861,344
International Development00004100581,157
Intervention Board00000001,195
Lord Chancellor's Department41439156522920010,234
National Statistics0007940002,911
Ordnance Survey4935582856001,857
Registers of Scotland00001,130001,130
Scottish Office00004,967075,000
Scottish Prison Service00004,824004,824
Social Security7,0803,4023,2733,8118,8459781,585
Trade and Industry2881732001,660218698,516
Welsh Office0002,1270002,144
Royal Mint000331000347
Other Departments102100761832,4361002112,508
All permanent non-industrial staff30,48718,63925,10423,90641,1073,3995,075429,295
Government office for the Regions(22)168.1135146.800001,541.4
Non-industrial casual staff(23)1,2135927029771,6525274415,970
Industrial staff
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food00195001540
Cabinet Office30012000445
Environment, Transport and Regions231429101500180
Home Office305300080
HM Prison Service2952662766600172,623
Royal Mint000639000639
Scottish Office000029400294
Social Security000000016
Welsh Office0006200062
Other Departments380000011
All permanent industrial staff1,3741,2971,4723,4663,3061,7002,02130,747
Industrial Casual Staff(23)60504992901080819
All Permanent Staff31,86119,93626,57627,37244,4125,0987,095460,039
All Staff33,13420,57827,32828,44146,1555,1617,919476,831

(21) Part-time staff are recorded according to the proportion of full-time hours worked.

(22) Included in departmental totals for DfEE, DETR and DTI.

(23) Regional figures are available only for casual staff from departments that report to Mandate. The unreported and Elsewhere and Total figures include staff not reported to Mandate.


Mandate and Departmental Returns.

7 Feb 2001 : Column: 547W

7 Feb 2001 : Column: 547W

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