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School Funding (Newcastle)

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment if he will list the schools in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne which received cash resources directly in the financial year 2000-01, with the sum for each school; and if he will estimate how much will be allocated in 2001-02 on the basis of his proposals in the pre-Budget report. [148817]

Ms Estelle Morris [holding answer 5 February 2001]: The following table shows the School Standards Grant entitlement for each school in 2000-01. In 2001-02 the estimated total School Standards Grant for Newcastle education authority will amount to £2.8 million. Amounts for that year cannot yet be shown for individual schools, but the typical primary school will receive £20,000 and the typical secondary school, £60,000. In addition devolved formula capital grants are payable: in 2000-01 these are £12,000 for a typical primary school and £36,000 for a typical secondary school, increasing progressively to £16,000 and £50,000 respectively by 2003-04.

School Standards Grant--Newcastle LEA

Name of schoolAmount (£)
Ashfield Nursery School3,000
Cruddas Park Nursery School3,000
Atkinson Road Nursery School6,000
Newburn Manor Nursery School3,000
Monkchester Road Nursery School6,000
Walkergate Nursery School3,000
Valley View Nursery School3,000
Ashlyns Unit3,000
Parkway Centre3,000
Dinnington Village First School6,000
Archibald First School9,000
South Gosforth First School9,000
Regent Farm First School9,000
Linhope First School9,000
Gosforth Park First School9,000
Broadway East First School9,000
Grange First School6,000
Atkinson Road Primary School9,000
Throckley First School9,000
Newburn Manor First School6,000
Walbottle Village First School6,000
West Denton First School9,000
Knoplaw First School9,000
Milecastle First School9,000
Cheviot First School9,000
Waverley First School9,000
Simonside First School9,000
Farne First School9,000
Lemington First School9,000
Westerhope First School9,000
Byker Primary School9,000
West Jesmond Primary School9,000
Benton Park Primary School9,000
Hawthorn Primary School6,000
Canning Street Primary School9,000
Chillingham Road Primary School9,000
Cowgate Primary School6,000
Cragside Primary School9,000
Delaval Community Primary School9,000
Denton Road Primary School9,000
Broadwood Junior School6,000
Broadwood Infant School6,000
Tyneview Primary School9,000
North Fawdon Primary School9,000
Hilton Primary School9,000
Montagu Primary School6,000
Mountfield Primary School9,000
Ravenswood Primary School9,000
South Benwell Primary School6,000
Stocksfield Avenue Primary School9,000
Walkergate Junior School9,000
Walkergate Infant School9,000
Thomas Walling Primary School9,000
Welbeck Primary School9,000
Westgate Hill Primary School9,000
West Walker Primary School9,000
Wharrier Street Primary School9,000
Wingrove Primary School9,000
Wyndham Primary School9,000
Kenton Bar Primary School9,000
Kingston Park Primary School9,000
Hotspur Primary School9,000
Moorside Community Primary School9,000
Christ Church CofE Primary School, Newcastle6,000
St. Anthony's CofE Primary School6,000
Archbishop Runcie CofE First School6,000
St. Charles' RC Primary School9,000
St. Oswald's RC Primary School9,000
St. Mark's RC Primary School6,000
St. George's RC Primary School6,000
St. Cuthbert's RC Primary School6,000
St. John Vianney RC Primary School9,000
St. Paul's CofE Primary School9,000
English Martyrs' RC Primary School9,000
Sacred Heart RC Primary School9,000
St. Bede's RC Primary School9,000
St. Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School9,000
St. Catherine's RC Primary School9,000
St. Joseph's RC Primary School6,000
St. Lawrence's RC Primary School9,000
Our Lady and St. Anne's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School9,000
St. Michael's RC Primary School9,000
St. Teresa's Catholic Primary School9,000
St. Vincent's RC Primary School9,000
St. Alban's RC Primary School9,000
Chapel Park Middle School30,000
Chapel House Middle School30,000
Throckley Middle School30,000
Gosforth Central Middle School30,000
Gosforth West Middle School30,000
Gosforth East Middle School30,000
West Denton High School30,000
Gosforth High School50,000
Walbottle Campus50,000
Walker Technology College50,000
Benfield School40,000
Kenton School50,000
Denton Park Middle School30,000
Chevyside Middle School30,000
Heaton Manor School50,000
Lemington Middle School30,000
West Gate Community College50,000
Firfield Community School30,000
St. Mary's Catholic Comprehensive School40,000
St. Cuthbert's High School40,000
Sacred Heart RC Comprehensive School50,000
Trinity School15,000
Hadrian School15,000
Sir Charles Parsons School15,000
Thomas Bewick School15,000

7 Feb 2001 : Column: 584W

Education Funding (Tyne and Wear)

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment if he will set out for each authority in the former county of Tyne and Wear the allocations under (a) New Deal for Schools, (b) the Standards Fund in 2000-01 and 2001-02, (c) Excellence in Cities in 2001-02 and (d) the additional support for recruitment retention in schools tackling educational disadvantage in 2001-02. [148818]

Ms Estelle Morris [holding answer 5 February 2001]: Listed in the following tables are the allocations for each authority in the former county of Tyne and Wear under (a) New Deal for Schools from 1997-98 to 2000-01, (b) the Standards Fund in 2000-01 and 2001-02 and (c) Excellence in Cities (EiC) in 2001-02. New Deal for Schools and EiC funding are issued through the Standards Fund and are not included in the following Standards Fund allocations. The EiC allocations cover initiatives for Learning mentors, Learning support units, Gifted and Talented and Beacon Schools. They do not cover initiatives for City Learning Centres, Specialist Schools and Mini-Education Action Zones where total allocations are still to be determined. The Standards Fund allocations for 2001-02 have not yet been finalised. They include allocations already advised to local education authorities, but there are further grants for which allocations have not yet been announced.

New Deal for schools allocations

North Tyneside4066131,3642,705
South Tyneside5361,6751,2702,058

Standards Fund allocations

North Tyneside8,5339,621
South Tyneside7,2429,059

7 Feb 2001 : Column: 585W

Excellence in Cities allocations

North Tyneside1,595
South Tyneside1,497

£210 million is available under the School Improvement Grant in 2001-02. The majority of this will be devolved to all schools to fund locally identified school improvement priorities. Fifteen per cent. of the grant will be allocated to schools in challenging circumstances. These funds have been allocated to support secondary schools with low levels of attainment or free high school meals and schools in special measures. Allocations of School Improvement Grant (which includes allocations for schools in challenging circumstances) for each authority in the former county of Tyne and Wear are set out in the following table.

School Improvement Grant allocations--2000-01

School ImprovementAllocation of School Improvement for schools in challenging circumstances
North Tyneside6670
South Tyneside65350

Under this Government, funding per pupil has already increased by over £300 in real terms, and it will increase by a further £150 per pupil for 2001-02. Under the last

7 Feb 2001 : Column: 586W

Government, funding per pupil fell by £60 in real terms between 1994-95 and 1997-98. There will be further increases in funding following the year 2000 spending review: a further £370 per pupil over the three year period, taking the total increase to nearly £700 between 1997-98 and 2003-04.

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