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Medicines Act (South Africa)

Mr. Worthington: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what her policy is on the use

9 Mar 2001 : Column: 351W

by South Africa of compulsory licensing and parallel importing of medicines as TRIPS compliant measures. [152139]

Mr. Caborn: I have been asked to reply.

I refer my hon. Friend to the answer I gave him today, column 348W, on the use of compulsory licensing and parallel importing by poor countries.

Mr. Worthington: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development what the European Commission's policy is on the relationship between South Africa's amended Medicines Act and its obligations under TRIPS. [152140]

Mr. Caborn: I have been asked to reply.

I refer my hon. Friend to the press release issued by the Delegation of the European Commission in South Africa on 6 March about this issue. I have arranged for copies of this press release to be placed in the Libraries of the House.


Surplus Places

Mr. Miller: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment what his policy is on surplus places in schools; and if he will publish the numbers and percentages of surplus places in each local education authority in England. [153208]

Ms Estelle Morris: Raising education standards informs all our policies. Resources which are locked into maintaining surplus places in schools should wherever possible be freed up and directed towards improving standards. In planning school provision, local education authorities should look for opportunities for removing surplus capacity, with a view to bringing supply and demand for school places into better balance. Their initial

9 Mar 2001 : Column: 352W

focus should be on those schools with 25 per cent. or more of their places unfilled, having particular regard to standards at those schools. The overall aim should be to maximise parental preference and to provide good quality education in the most cost-effective way. The Department's annual survey of surplus places allows us to monitor how local education authorities are meeting this challenge.

The table is based on the returns made by local education authorities in respect of all maintained primary and secondary schools in their area. They set out the numbers of surplus places as at January 2000 for each local authority area, listing primary and secondary separately, together with the proportion that these represent of total capacity. They also highlight the numbers of schools which at that date had surplus of 25 per cent. or more, and at least 30 surplus places, together with the proportion that these represent of the total number of schools. The returns from local education authorities indicate that there were 709,989 surplus school places in January 2000, representing 9 per cent. of the total capacity of 7.8 million places. This is an overall reduction of 22,377 places on 1999 figures.

The proportion of all schools with a quarter or more of their places unfilled remains the same at 11 per cent., although actual numbers have increased from 2,391 in 1999 to 2,406 in 2000. This is attributable to falling primary rolls, which also affect the figure for overall surplus capacity in that sector. The number of secondary schools with 25 per cent. or more surplus capacity continues to fall from 461 in 1999 (13 per cent.) to 393 in 2000 (11 per cent.).

The returns also provide the Department with details of the action authorities propose to take on schools with 25 per cent. or more surplus. The returns indicate that in many cases action is being taken, or is planned. Where planning strategies are unclear in areas with particularly high levels of surplus, the Department will be following up with the authorities concerned.

9 Mar 2001 : Column: 351W

Surplus places by local authority area at January 2000

Primary (3)Secondary
Actual surplus (4) Schools with surplus of 25 per cent. or more (5) Actual surplus (4) Schools with surplus of 25 per cent. or more (5)
301 Barking and Dagenham1,318836683600
302 Barnet953400737400
370 Barnsley1,863956982717
800 Bath and North East Somerset1,051857837718
820 Bedfordshire3,8321423164,157101018
303 Bexley8314231,032600
330 Birmingham7,533733105,0177810
889 Blackburn with Darwen869623586600
890 Blackpool4994134346113
850 Bolton1,971899 1,053616
837 Bournemouth2803148378110
867 Bracknell Forest1,0921151574411117
380 Bradford3,484814910,045214251
304 Brent1,6498581,212818
846 Brighton and Hove2,191127121,22710220
801 Bristol, City of2,821914123,2111629
305 Bromley409200339200
825 Buckinghamshire6,3431442221,404426
351 Bury887634219217
381 Calderdale1,82891213737500
873 Cambridgeshire4,152920101,161413
202 Camden84584108688110
875 Cheshire6,9611141143,5187511
201 City of London6300--------
908 Cornwall3,2218208238100
331 Coventry2,415811121,9799211
306 Croydon1,5425441,621915
909 Cumbria5,7001238134,23312921
841 Darlington7398616376600
831 Derby1,5417342,36214429
830 Derbyshire5,859943124,5459817
878 Devon5,28492371,328300
371 Doncaster5,0151623201,175500
835 Dorset2,325914102,162725
332 Dudley3,072101215970515
840 Durham6,3541353212,7028411
307 Ealing2,60010711218200
811 East Riding of Yorkshire3,011111410935416
845 East Sussex2,54071061,113414
308 Enfield8654351,378700
881 Essex10,23694187,7199911
390 Gateshead1,77110811557500
916 Gloucestershire4,911102182,138625
203 Greenwich2,498128121,47710214
204 Hackney2,0351261092811111
876 Halton3,4222320361,03411222
205 Hammersmith and Fulham90610514557800
850 Hampshire10,13593685,393768
309 Haringey1,131623780700
310 Harrow1,314712819900
805 Hartlepool701727573800
311 Havering2,15210691,3178211
884 Herefordshire1,9261210121,20112321
919 Hertfordshire8,549942109,448111214
312 Hillingdon1,3406111,1317212
313 Hounslow1,701946410300
921 Isle of Wight419612584500
420 Isles of Scilly923812552331100
206 Islington1,7471161290211111
207 Kensington and Chelsea1,0201462366216125
886 Kent6,06352358,3839109
810 Kingston upon Hull, City of4,9651716202,08712319
314 Kingston upon Thames3824138329110
382 Kirklees3,10181492,220839
340 Knowsley2,9191614231,6171419
208 Lambeth2,463138121,72820220
888 Lancashire11,3181072144,870678
383 Leeds10,7371550204,2058716
856 Leicester4,019141618959500
855 Leicestershire2,67151363,694859
209 Lewisham1,1165231,93415215
925 Lincolnshire5,306937134,0309914
341 Liverpool7,1551531203,5501026
821 Luton2,34011711526400
352 Manchester6,1431427183,98515624
887 Medway1,7487892,14310210
315 Merton79665101,29115218
806 Middlesbrough1,59411511673719
826 Milton Keynes3,5691414161,57112327
391 Newcastle upon Tyne3,6981723302,12811419
316 Newham1,7006351,521817
926 Norfolk5,05672153,5338510
812 North East Lincolnshire2,804161118814700
813 North Lincolnshire1,586108121,17410321
802 North Somerset771512781600
392 North Tyneside2,5081513232,48615626
815 North Yorkshire5,5401137112,126524
928 Northamptonshire5,266927104,5699915
929 Northumberland3,3881524174,146121423
892 Nottingham2,9611116164,97727838
891 Nottinghamshire6,25692998,489141221
353 Oldham1,8388441,2417213
931 Oxfordshire4,7761025115,12412511
874 Peterborough1,843119161,1728323
879 Plymouth4,3871821261,8589317
836 Poole674627482600
851 Portsmouth1,268836133100
870 Reading4765131,00114225
317 Redbridge831424853500
807 Redcar and Cleveland1,438106111,42712215
318 Richmond upon Thames3093006268113
354 Rochdale1,6718791,52810214
372 Rotherham2,3189761,494716
857 Rutland7102252823710133
355 Salford4,6611929342,61418529
333 Sandwell2,0377882,48812315
343 Sefton3,0691114151,492729
373 Sheffield4,255917111,718600
893 Shropshire2,6941119131,056615
871 Slough800726368519
334 Solihull1,477757540300
933 Somerset2,80271153,42810615
803 South Gloucestershire1,7577771,173717
393 South Tyneside1,642118141,1121019
852 Southampton2,354121116893700
882 Southend-on-Sea913612829718
210 Southwark1,927868589600
342 St. Helens1,986119151,008800
860 Staffordshire6,86893511999211
356 Stockport2,8851111111,392800
808 Stockton-on-Tees1,2397231,2499215
861 Stoke-on-Trent4,3081722251,4069212
935 Suffolk5,6841128114,962945
394 Sunderland4,3281424251,3046212
936 Surrey10,3061254174,222748
319 Sutton561412396300
866 Swindon2,3301211161,139919
357 Tameside1,1215451,0447211
894 Telford and the Wrekin1,3278359379323
883 Thurrock1,46610361,04012110
880 Torbay478539163200
211 Tower Hamlets2,7151210141,167817
358 Trafford1,5448791,018616
384 Wakefield2,974914111,1265211
335 Walsall2,3959551,285615
320 Waltham Forest1,565758979716
212 Wandsworth1,627107125265111
877 Warrington2,673131621609400
937 Warwickshire4,8451122112,8438514
869 West Berkshire1,56412710405400
938 West Sussex6,4931027114,78810513
213 Westminster397413758900
359 Wigan2,21781099425210
865 Wiltshire4,3121133152,1677412
868 Windsor and Maidenhead4515378918214
344 Wirral4,3731420202,144829
872 Wokingham494424103100
336 Wolverhampton3,1761318201,4288211
885 Worcestershire4,470101894,227101016
816 York1,8551210171,0971018

(3) Primary figures show surplus after taking account of any summer entry

(4) Actual surplus is defined as the difference between capacity and number on roll for all schools where capacity exceeds number on roll

(5) Schools with less than 30 surplus places are not included

9 Mar 2001 : Column: 355W

9 Mar 2001 : Column: 355W

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