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Mr. Yeo: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will make a statement on the potential of genomics in agricultural research. [153234]

Mr. Nick Brown: Genomics is expected to make a significant contribution to UK agriculture. Genome maps for many agriculturally important plants, animals and micro-organisms have been produced in the last few years. Research on genome maps for plants, livestock and micro-organisms should enable scientists to identify those organisms with desirable traits. This information would be beneficial in speeding up breeding programmes.

National Institute of Agricultural Botany

Mr. Yeo: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food by whom the National Institute of Agricultural Botany report which was presented to MAFF as part of their review on separation distances has been peer reviewed. [153231]

Mr. Nick Brown: The NIAB report has been referred to a number of independent scientific experts both here and abroad for peer review. This process has yet to be completed.

Hand-carried Imported Foodstuffs

Mr. Gale: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what estimate he has made of the total annual volume of raw and cooked meats and other foodstuffs imported by visitors to the United Kingdom. [154249]

Ms Quin [holding answer 19 March 2001]: Data are not collected by Customs on the volume of raw and cooked meats and other foodstuffs imported by visitors to the United Kingdom and no reliable estimate is therefore available.

Pig Movements

Mr. Baldry: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food when he expects Mr. Adrian Wilcox of College Farm, Bletchington, Oxfordshire to be able to move his pigs. [155437]

Mr. Morley [holding answer 26 March 2001]: Mr. Wilcox applied for entry to the Livestock Welfare (Disposal) Scheme and a number of pigs were removed from College Farm on 14 April.

Common Agricultural Policy

Mr. Gerald Howarth: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will calculate the impact on the cost of food to consumers arising from the CAP since 1973. [157376]

23 Apr 2001 : Column: 54W

Ms Quin [holding answer 6 April 2001]: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development publishes an estimate annually of the transfers made by consumers in the European Union as a whole resulting from agricultural policies in the Union. Estimates of the impact of the CAP upon consumers are dependent upon the assumptions made concerning the policy which would have operated in the absence of the CAP.

The table sets out the OECD estimates for the years 1986 to 1999. Estimates for earlier years are not readily available.

Total transfers from EU consumers arising as a result of the CAP

YearBillion ecu/euro


OECD Producer and Consumer Support Estimates Database

Departmental Travel

Mr. Stephen O'Brien: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what were his Department's total gross running costs for travel, including fares, subsistence, accommodation and other expenses met from public funds but excluding such costs for journeys and stays exclusively within the United Kingdom (a) in the three years to 30 April 1997 and (b) in the 12 months ending 30 April 1997. [157629]

Ms Quin: The information requested is provided in the table.

Actual spend

Description1 May 1994 to 30 April 19971 May 1996 to 30 April 1997
Travel EC Institution Meetings2,041,759.84644,740.78
Travel Other Overseas Visits1,516,817.70511,356.29
Travel Foreign Hospitality24,002.7513,902.86
Subsistence EC Institution Meetings1,081,812.02319,372.26
Subsistence Other Overseas Visits910,703.18276,013.48

Farmgate Prices (Lancashire)

Mr. Hoyle: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will make a statement on the farmgate price of (a) vegetables, (b) fruit and (c) non- edible products in Lancashire. [157989]

Ms Quin [holding answer 10 April 2001]: Value statistics are not collected at county level.

23 Apr 2001 : Column: 55W

Flood Defences

Sir Michael Spicer: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food when he will make a statement about the allocation of the £52 million additional funds for flood defences. [158463]

Mr. Morley: I informed the flood and coastal defence operating authorities of revised allocations for 2001-02 on 17 February. As a result of increases in the last two Spending Reviews, and following the announcements of additional funding packages in November and January, MAFF funding available for flood and coastal defence in 2001-02 is £102.6 million. The funding will be shared between:

£ million
Environment Agency53.6
Local Authorities46
Internal Drainage Boards3

Most of the increased funding is going to the Environment Agency: (a) to accelerate the capital programme on 'main' rivers, (b) to carry forward catchment studies and (c) to make a contribution towards the emergency response and repair costs incurred in the recent flooding. However both Local Authorities and Internal Drainage Boards will also be able to make

23 Apr 2001 : Column: 56W

applications for accelerated river defence works, and £1 million is being set aside for the emergency costs incurred by Internal Drainage Boards.

Revised plans for future years have been commissioned from the operating authorities recently. These will inform decisions about future allocations in due course.

Departmental IT Projects

Mr. Field: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, pursuant to his answer of 12 March 2001, Official Report, column 476W, if he will list the IT projects currently undertaken in his Department; and if he will state the (a) expected completion date and (b) cost of each project. [151505]

Ms Quin: I am sorry that there was an error in the list of major IT projects in the answer of 12 March. The entry for 'Food Survey System' should read 'Farm Survey System'. Options for the further development of this system are still under consideration and it is not yet possible to confirm the expected completion date or costs. The costs quoted were those expected up until March 2002.

We have clarified the heading detail in the list to show that the costs and dates of all projects were those expected and a footnote to show that they are subject to change.

The rest of the answer remains correct.

23 Apr 2001 : Column: 55W

Expected total costs Expected end date
State Veterinary Service network/TB implementation5,306,704Annual revision required
Replacement for current Vet Net systems--pilot projects150,000July 2001
Cattle Ear Tag Allocation System200,000April 2001
Geographical Information Systems for Animal Disease Control542,133April 2001
British Cattle Movement Service Strategic Enhancements and Integration Testing of IT System3,204,727Annual revision required
Web Access to Cattle Tracing System1,759,153May 2001
Monitoring of Animal Movements within UK and EC237,965Annual revision required
Pet Travel Scheme250,000August 2000
GB Cattle Herd Registration Development1,367,000November 2000
Scrapie Control System1,908,223July 2001
Farm Survey System replacement1,329,020March 2002
Grants and Subsidies Management System for Common Agricultural Policy Payments2,823,476Annual revision required
Combined Bovine Risk Assessment Scheme2,151,500December 2001
Beef Extensification Premium Scheme1,339,000May 2001
New Common Agricultural Policy Support Systems15,846,854Annual revision required
Cattle Slaughter Premium Scheme1,767,500Annual revision required
Agenda 20001,378,650Annual revision required
Hill Farmers Allowance1,838,501May 2001
England Rural Development Programme2,135,375February 2003
Sea Fish Management Systems394,005Annual revision required
Fisheries Satellite Surveillance322,541July 2003
Integration of Existing Building and Estate Management Databases1,553,085Annual revision required
Upgrade to Financial Systems and reporting tools10,878,802Annual revision required
E-Commerce1,867,334December 2001
Replacement Office/Corporate Systems9,827,835December 2001
Central Science Laboratories (CSL): Integrated Business Information System500,000October 2001
CSL: Upgrade to Hardware to run new Office Systems250,000May 2001
Centre for Environmental, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS): Laboratory Information Management Systems350,000March 2003
CEFAS: Biological Sampling System120,000March 2003
Farming and Rural Conservation Agency (FRCA): Invest to Save Interdepartmental project (MAGIC) Geographical Information System462,000April 2002
FRCA: Cartography Tool Kit930,000April 2003
FRCA: basic mapping for administration of agri-environmental schemes292,000October 2001
Intervention Board (IB): Oracle Multi Org for Intervention Board252,000February 2001
IB: Block Guarantee Scheme System Redevelopment198,000April 2001
IB: Audit Logging187,548December 2001
IB: Data Integration278,833March 2001
IB: Brussels Matrix429,018March 2001
IB: Modulation350,000June 2001
IB: Over Thirty Month Scheme System Extension343,214July 2001
IB: Slaughter Premium Scheme System Development735,428June 2001
IB: Porting PI Open Systems to Universe1,150,000December 2001


These figures show expected costs and dates as at 12 March 2001 which may be subject to change to meet business demands.

23 Apr 2001 : Column: 57W

23 Apr 2001 : Column: 57W

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