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Promotional Campaigns

Mr. Lansley: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions if he will list the television, newspaper and radio advertising and other promotional campaigns conducted by (a) his Department, (b) its agencies and (c) its departmental public bodies, in each of the past five years, showing for each the expenditure incurred by his Department; and if he will make a statement. [153423]

Ms Beverley Hughes [holding answer 12 March 2001]: I have set out information as (a) DETR (Central), (b) Agencies and (c) Public Bodies.

(a) DETR(C)

My Department runs several public information campaigns each year using the most appropriate combination of television, radio and newspaper advertising, supported by other promotional material such as leaflets and posters. These campaigns mainly relate to environmental protection and road safety.

For details of expenditure by medium over each of the past five years, I refer the hon. Member to the reply I gave to the hon. Member for Bath (Mr. Foster) on 15 February 2001, Official Report, columns 222-23W.

For details of expenditure by subject over each of the past five years, I refer the hon. Member to my reply to the hon. Member for Hertsmere (Mr. Clappson) on 20 December 2000, Official Report, columns 168-69W.

Latest figures showing advertising expenditure for each of the campaigns covered in the reply to the hon. Member for Hertsmere are set out.


Ladbroke Grove Rail Inquiry44,143
Quality Mark Scheme(14)41,633
Rough Sleepers Change a Life Campaign433,338
6 Sheet Poster Site19,861
Road Safety Campaign7,661,188
Child Road Safety734,991
Are You Doing Your Bit?5,587,672
Thames Safety Enquiry83,738
Council Board Appointments36,147
Election for Mayor of London651,554
DETR Herts CC Posters1,500
Local Website Information35,209

(14) Please note that an incorrect figure of £85,185 was mistakenly given in the previous reply. We are writing to the hon. Member for Hertsmere to provide him with updated figures.

23 Apr 2001 : Column: 58W

Increases in advertising expenditure in 1999-2000 and 2000-01 result from:

For details of publications and reports, I refer the hon. Member to my reply to the hon. Member for Hertsmere on 19 December 2000, Official Report, columns 108-09W.

(b) DETR Agencies

Expenditure on paid publicity by DETR's agencies is set out.


Drivers Standard Agency
Separate Driving Theory Test36,817
Launch of touch-screen theory test9,808
Go-Live date for touch-screen theory test8,500
Shared DVO Group Stand at Motor Show16,166
Total 34,474
Launch of "What if" Video6,908
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Sales of Vehicle Registration Marks1,085,106
Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) Enforcement702,127
Total 1,787,233
VED Enforcement/Wheelclamping1,908,085
Sales of Vehicle Registration Marks1,085,106
Photocard Driving Licences5,395
Total 2,998,586
VED Enforcement/Wheelclamping2,292,022
Sales of Vehicle Registration Marks1,085,106
Photocard Driving Licences444,890
Statutory Off Road Notification428,936
Graduated VED122,553
Total 4,373,507
Sales of Vehicle Registration Marks2,382,978
VED Enforcement/Wheelclamping2,260,216
Graduated VED419,574
Photocard Driving Licence272,340
VED Enforcement/Wheelclamping2,231,587
Graduated VED2,012,765
Sales of Vehicle Registration Marks1,957,446
Statutory Off Road Notification510,638
Photocard Driving Licence486,808
Total 7,199,244

23 Apr 2001 : Column: 59W

The increase in advertising and promotional expenditure for the DVLA is partly due to the introduction of the national wheelclamping scheme and the photocard licence campaign. This increased the number of Vehicle Excise Duty campaigns from 17 in 1996-97 to 27 in 2000-01. Highways Agency expenditure during the past two years is set out in the table. The Agency was unable to provide information relating to years 1996-97, 1997-98 and 1998-99.


Highways Agency
Consumer campaigns advising of road closures/changes263,299
Consumer campaigns advising of road closures/changes127,149
Maritime and Coastguard Agency (established in April 1998)
Sea Smart78,986
Safe Fishing19,195
Registry of Shipping and Seamen11,143
Sea Smart25,216
Registry of Shipping and Seamen6,766
Non-Regulated Pleasure Vessels Code65,610
Safe Fishing34,945
Total 132,537
Receiver of Wreck Amnesty62,538
Registry of Shipping and Seamen820
Sea Smart53,812
Flagging In12,515
Total 129,685
Vehicle Inspectorate
Advertising Training Courses19,203
Advertising Training Courses53,853
Advertising Training Courses46,607
Advertising Training Courses60,200
New telephone Number for Vehicle Inspectorate9,480
Total 69,680
Advertising Training Courses44,732
New telephone number for Vehicle Inspectorate5,515
Total 50,247
Planning Inspectorate
Planning Inspectorate Campaign6,084

The Rent Service, Vehicle Certification Agency and Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre have not carried out any significant communication activity during the period.

23 Apr 2001 : Column: 60W

(c) NDPBs

DETR's Public Bodies are split into Executive and Advisory Non-Departmental Public Bodies. There are 55 in total (28 Executive and 27 Advisory Bodies). DETR(C) does not keep central records of Public Bodies' communications campaigns. The cost of tracing and listing each public body's advertising and promotional campaigns over the past five years could be supplied only at disproportionate cost.

Departmental Advertising

Mr. Loughton: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions what the total cost of advertising run by his Department, its predecessors and its agencies was in each year since April 1992; and what the projected budget is for (a) 2001-02 and (b) 2002-03. [154852]

Ms Beverley Hughes [holding answer 22 March 2001]: I have set out information detailing:

DETR was created in 1997 when the Departments of Environment (DoE) and Transport (DoT) merged. Advertising expenditure since 1992 for DETR(C), its predecessors and its agencies are set out.

Advertising Expenditure

1998-99 --5,993,7663,401,027

(15) Projected advertising expenditure. Based on information available at time of answering.

(16) Total projected expenditure for DETR agencies for 2001-02 and 2002-03 could be provided only at disproportionate cost.

(17) Details of budget not yet agreed.

Almost all of DETR(C) current advertising expenditure is for road safety and environmental protection campaigns.

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