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Tapsell, Sir Peter

                  Debates etc.

    Nice Summit (EC) (11.12.00) 361

    Queen's speech, Economic policy (13.12.00) 674-7

    Queen's speech, Foreign policy (11.12.00) 372


    Gold and foreign exchange reserves 791-2

Tate Modern

Tax avoidance

Tax burden

Tax rates and bands


    Environment protection 250w

Taylor, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    Queen's speech, Crime (12.12.00) 547


    Business questions 818

    Chess, National Lottery 38w

Taylor, Mr Ian

                  Debates etc.

    Telecommunications (12.12.00) 489

Taylor, Rt Hon John D

                  Debates etc.

    Nice Summit (EC) (11.12.00) 363


    UK membership of EC, Exhibitions 224w

Taylor, Mr John M


    Business questions 129

Taylor, Mr Matthew

                  Debates etc.


    Civil servants, Opposition 47-8w

    Official engagements, Treasury 173w

    Personal income 116w

    Sick leave, Treasury 174w

    Smuggling, Tobacco 117w

Taylor, Sir Teddy

                  Debates etc.

    Nice Summit (EC) (11.12.00) 360


    Entry clearances 114w


    Performance appraisal 81w

Technical assistance


    Ministerial statements (12.12.00) 481-94

Telecommunications masts

    see Aerials


Temporary employment

    Conditions of employment 76w

Territorial Army

Terrorism Act 2000



    Expenditure 80w



    Regional arts boards 330


Thomas, Mr Gareth

                  Debates etc.

    Queen's speech, Health services (07.12.00) 177-81


    Human Rights Act 1998, Lord Chancellor's Dept 240w

    New deal for 50 plus, Wales 239w

Thomas, Mr Gareth R


Thomas, Simon


    Information technology, Wales 168w

    Petrol, Wales 629

    Tourism, Wales 36w



Timms, Mr Stephen, Financial Secretary to the Treasury

                  Debates etc.

    Public Accounts Committee (14.12.00) 859-65


    Climate change levy, Quarrying 115w

    Exchange rates 790

    Excise duties, Petrol alternatives 246w

    National Insurance Fund 797

    Public expenditure 251w

    Small businesses 248w

    Taxation, Environment protection 250w

Tipping, Mr Paddy, Parliamentary Secretary, Privy Council Office

                  Debates etc.

Tipping of waste

    Health hazards 24w


Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill 2000/01

                  Debates etc.

    1R (14.12.00) 823

Tobacco Sponsorship Task Force


Tonge, Dr Jenny

                  Debates etc.

    Queen's speech, Foreign policy (11.12.00) 385


    Africa, Peace keeping operations 206w

    Air ambulance services, Greater London 192w

    Ambulance services 302w

    Ambulance services, NHS Direct 300w

    Ambulance services, Pay 193-4w

    Ambulance services, Standards 300w

    China, Human rights 147w

    Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in Business 210w

    Debts, Developing countries 795-6

    Drug treatment and testing orders 181-2w

    East Timor, Human rights 133w

    Export Credits Guarantee Dept, Contracts 138-9w

    Hepatitis, Disease control 192-3w

    London Ambulance Service 191-2w

    Parliamentary questions, Dept for International Development 274w


    Information technology 42-3w

Trade agreements


    Tucano aircraft 275w



    Capital investment 281w

Transport for London


    Official engagements 173w

Tredinnick, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    Queen's speech, Health services (07.12.00) 145, 216-21


    Business questions 128

    Personal savings 791


Trend, Mr Michael

                  Debates etc.

    Queen's speech, Foreign policy (11.12.00) 376, 397, 431-4


    Belarus, Overseas aid 296w

    British Council, Belarus 296w

Trickett, Mr Jon

                  Debates etc.

    Queen's speech, Health services (07.12.00) 184-9

Tucano aircraft

Turner, Mr Dennis


    House of Commons, Catering 131w

Turner, Dr George


    Performance and Innovation Unit 6w

    Standard of living 250w

Twelve minutes rule

    Rulings and statements (12.12.00) 497

Tyler, Mr Paul


    Railways, South West region 638

Tynan, Mr Bill

                  Debates etc.

    Queen's speech, Crime (12.12.00) 536

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