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Cranston, Mr Ross, Solicitor-General


    Beausire, William 204w

    Blackpool, Solicitor-General 105-6w

    Criminal proceedings, Human rights 563-4

    Crown Prosecution Service, Community relations 330w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Computers 561-2

    Crown Prosecution Service, Standards 106w

    Equitable Life Assurance Society 566

    Prison sentences, Appeals 347w

    Prosecutions, Northern Ireland 331w

    Racial harassment, Prosecutions 347w

    Serious Fraud Office 331w

    Victim personal statement scheme 331w

Crausby, Mr David


    Railways, Fares 1075

Credit unions

Creutzfeldt-Jakob dementia


    Alcoholic drinks 125w

    Rural areas 51w

    South West region 51w

Crime and Disorder Act 1998


Crime and disorder partnerships

Crime prevention

Crime (Sentences) Act 1997


Crimes of violence

Criminal Cases Review Commission

Criminal injuries compensation

Criminal investigation

    Offences against children 322w

Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000


Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) (No 2) Bill 1999/2000


Criminal proceedings

Criminal records

Criminal Records Bureau


    Genetically modified organisms 562w

Crown Prosecution Service

    Administrative delays 199

    Community relations 330w

Cryer, Mrs Ann


    Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty 509w

    Rapid deployment forces, EC countries 352-3w

Cryer, Mr John

                  Debates etc.

    Christmas adjournment debate intervention (21.12.00) 640


    Business questions 1252

Cummings, Mr John


    Courtaulds, Redundancy 358w

    Doctors, Easington 551w

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 592w

    Schools, Seaham 554w

Cunningham, Rt Hon Dr Jack


    West Cumberland Hospital, Breast cancer 858-9

Cunningham, Mr Jim


    Crown Prosecution Service, Community relations 330w

    Developing countries, Debts 578w

    Health education, Sex 408w

    Hip replacements, Costs 531w

    Housing benefit, Sheltered housing 478w

    Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service 446w

    Racial harassment, Coventry 427w

    Sheltered housing 445w

    Sports, Young people 595w

    Teenage pregnancy 539w


Curry, Rt Hon David

                  Debates etc.

    Homes Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (08.01.01) 717, 747-50


    Early retirement, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 521w

    Local government, Pension funds 377-8w

    North Yorkshire County Council, Finance 378w

Curtis-Thomas, Ms Claire


    Pensioners, Income support 100w


    Accidents 7w


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