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Iddon, Dr Brian

                  Debates etc.

    Adoption (21.12.00) 591

    Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Research Purposes) Regulations (19.12.00) 217, 234, 253


    Bangladesh, HIV infection 582w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Computers 562

    Health insurance, Private sector 462w, 569w

    Health services, Complaints 335w

    Medical laboratory scientific officers, Pay 1078

    Specialist schools initiative 616w

    Voluntary organisations, Regulation 244-5w

Illegal immigrants

Illsley, Mr Eric

                  Debates etc.

    Cotton, Roy (20.12.00) 494-8

    Homes Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (08.01.01) 715-6




Immigration and Asylum Act 1999


Immigration rules

Imperial Cancer Research Fund


    Hazardous materials 1w

Incapacity benefit


    Hazardous materials 1-3w

Income support

    Lone parents 71w

Income tax

Independent Living Funds Review


Indian subcontinent

Individual savings accounts


Industrial diseases

Industrial disputes

Industrial relations

Infectious diseases


Information technology

    Developing countries 577w

    Public libraries 364w

Ingram, Rt Hon Adam, Minister of State, Northern Ireland Office


    Army, Northern Ireland 195w

    Aviation, Northern Ireland Office 520w

    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry, Costs 123w

    Community relations, Drumcree 550w

    Coroners, Northern Ireland 195w

    Military intelligence, County Down 256w

    Military intelligence, Northern Ireland 519w

    Modernising government programme, Northern Ireland Office 519w

    Northern Ireland Act 1998, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 122-3w

    Oversight Commissioner 550w

    Oversight Commissioner, Finance 607w

    Personal records, Northern Ireland 519w

    Proceeds of crime, Northern Ireland 349-51

    Royal Ulster Constabulary 195w

    Royal Ulster Constabulary, Disciplinary proceedings 256-7w

    Royal Ulster Constabulary, Early retirement 344-6

    Royal Ulster Constabulary, Kosovo 123w

    Royal Ulster Constabulary, Recruitment 195w

    Royal Ulster Constabulary, Uniforms 606w

    Royal Ulster Constabulary, Widowed people 257w

    Sentencing, Northern Ireland 257w

    Smuggling, Northern Ireland 257w

    Travelling people, Northern Ireland 519-20w

    Victim support schemes, Northern Ireland 122w

    Weapons, Northern Ireland 192-3w

Inheritance tax

Inland Revenue


    Insurance companies 460w

    National Insurance Fund 247w

Institutional care

    Southampton and South West Hampshire Health Authority 598-9w


Insurance companies

Intellectual property

Intelligence services

    Trade union recognition 238w

Interdepartmental Ministerial Group on Animal Welfare

    see Animal Welfare Ministerial Group

Interest rates

Intergovernmental Conference 2000

International cooperation

International Federation of Europe Houses

International Labour Organisation


    Voluntary organisations 245w



    Religious freedom 556w


Iraq-Kuwait conflict

Iron and steel

Isle of Man


    Housing benefit 469w


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