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Habitual offenders

    Community service orders 725w

Hague, Rt Hon William


    Ballistic missile defence, USA 341-2

    Mandelson, Peter, Resignations 915-7

Hain, Mr Peter, Minister for Energy and Competitiveness in Europe, Dept of Trade and Industry


    Angola, Missing persons 402w

    Arms trade, Export controls 559w

    Balkans, Uranium 407w

    Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention 594w

    Bomb disposal, Mines 171w

    Burkina Faso, Smuggling 32w

    Burma, Ethnic groups 33w

    Cyprus, Human rights 28w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Armed conflict 559-60w, 595w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Arms trade 665w

    Diplomatic service, Religion 342w

    Firearms, Smuggling 34w

    Gambia, Diamonds 33w

    Ghana, Elections 170w

    India, Hinduism 343w

    India, Human rights 232w

    India, Nuclear weapons 565w

    India, Religious freedom 231-2w

    Iraq, Foreign relations 561w

    Iraq, International assistance 406-7w

    Iraq, Military aircraft 404-5w

    Iraq-Kuwait conflict, Compensation 666w

    Iraq-Kuwait conflict, Uranium 596w

    Israel, Arms trade 317w

    Israel, Travel information 402-3w

    Japan, Radioactive materials 231w

    Languages, Training 664w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 560w

    Nigeria, Human rights 595w

    Official publications, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 342-3w

    Philippines, Missing persons 565w

    Recruitment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 665w

    Sierra Leone, Arms trade 561w

    Sierra Leone, Democracy 29w

    Sierra Leone, Diamonds 792-4

    Sri Lanka, Peace negotiations 564-5w

    Sub-Saharan Africa, Air traffic control 594-5w

    Sudan, Bombings 596w

    Sudan, Politics and government 33w

    Sudan, Refugees 33w

    United Arab Emirates, Horse racing 665w

    United Nations, HIV infection 403w

    Western Sahara, Peace negotiations 556w

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 557-8w

Hall, Mr Mike, An Assistant Whip

                  Debates etc.

    Capital Allowances Bill, 2R (15.01.01) 133

Hall, Mr Patrick


    New deal for young people 707w

Hamill, Robert

Hammond, Mr Philip

                  Debates etc.

    Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (22.01.01) 725


    Chief Medical Officer, Annual reports 148-9w

    Cycling, Road traffic control 738w

    Dental services 751w

    Heart diseases, Drugs 751w

Hammond Inquiry

    see Hinduja Passport Inquiry


    In vitro fertilisation 435w

Hancock, Mr Mike

                  Debates etc.


    Defence Medical Services 581-2w

    Military aircraft, Costs 729w

Hanson, Mr David, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

                  Debates etc.

    Children's Commissioner for Wales Bill, Motion relating to Com, 2R and Allocation of time motion (16.01.01) 256, 290-5, 300, 309

Harlan UK

Harold Shipman Tribunal of Inquiry

Harrier aircraft

Harris, Dr Evan

                  Debates etc.


    Fife Health Board 510w

    Planning authorities, Standards 260w

    Planning permission, Warnborough College 259-60w

    Warnborough College, Planning permission 259w

Harvey, Mr Nick

                  Debates etc.

    Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (22.01.01) 662, 674-8


    Bedford Hospital, Dead bodies 204-5

Hawk aircraft

Hawkins, Mr Nick

                  Debates etc.

    Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (22.01.01) 655, 730-1, 765


    Electoral register 212w

    Meteorological Office 580w

    Roads, Accidents 461w

Hayes, Mr John

                  Debates etc.

    Children's Commissioner for Wales Bill, Motion relating to Com, 2R and Allocation of time motion (16.01.01) 262, 264, 283-4

    Human Rights Joint Select Committee (15.01.01) 150, 157, 163-4

    Teachers, Points of order (17.01.01) 352

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Teachers, Essex (16.01.01) 44wh


Heald, Mr Oliver

                  Debates etc.


    Antisocial behaviour orders 718w

    Ballistic missile defence, USA 37w

    British Transport Police 195w

    Crime prevention 117w

    Hospitals, Hygiene 248w

    Information officers, Home Office 106w

    Life imprisonment 491w

    Metropolitan Police, Manpower 109-10w

    Metropolitan Police, Recruitment 110w

    Metropolitan Police, Resignations 110-1w

    Metropolitan Police, Secondment 199-200w

    Police, Career structure 118w

    Police authorities, Mergers 117w

    Police patrolling 117w

    Public order offences, Alcoholic drinks 716w

    Public order offences, Penalty notices 716-7w

    Special constables, Powers 208-9w

    Special constables, Recruitment 115-7w

Healey, Mr John

                  Debates etc.

    Coal Authority, Surveying (15.01.01) 174-8

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Electronic government 330

    Trade union recognition 491-2

Health centres

Health education

Health hazards

    Cellular phones 216w

Health insurance

Health services

    Heart diseases 49w

Hearing aids

    North East region 434w

Heart diseases

    Health services 49w

Heath, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    Manufacturing industries (24.01.01) 940


    Church Commissioners, Rents 499w

    Non-domestic rates 180w

    Private finance initiative 1073

    Sierra Leone, Diamonds 793-4

    Sports, South West region 636

Heath, Rt Hon Sir Edward

                  Debates etc.

Heathcoat-Amory, Rt Hon David

                  Debates etc.

    Manufacturing industries (24.01.01) 927-33


    Billing, Dept of Trade and Industry 626w

    Climate change levy, Regulatory impact assessments 568w

    Correspondence, Dept of Trade and Industry 626w

    Huntingdon Life Sciences 654w

    Industrial health and safety, Inspections 677w

    Post Office, Assets 400w

    Post offices, Bank services 495-6

    Small Business Service, Standards 501-2w

    Transtec, Grants 7w

Heathrow Airport

Hedges and ditches


Helme Chase Maternity Unit

Henderson, Mr Ivan


    Business questions 1088

    Clergy, Members 710w

Hendrick, Mr Mark

                  Debates etc.

    Manufacturing industries (24.01.01) 961


    Military aircraft, Procurement 5-6

Hepburn, Mr Stephen


    Scotland, Ministry of Defence 533-4w

Heppell, Mr John

                  Debates etc.


    Challenger tanks, Procurement 576w

Herbal medicine


Hesford, Mr Stephen

                  Debates etc.

Hewitt, Ms Patricia, Minister of State, Dept of Trade and Industry


    Economic and monetary union 744w

    Electronic commerce 501w

    Radio, Anniversaries 744w

    Science, North West region 654w

    Small businesses, Information technology 633-4w

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