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Mobile homes

Mobile phones

    see Cellular phones
Mobile Phones Independent Expert Group

    see Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones

MOD Veterans' Advice Unit

    see Veterans' Advice Unit

Modernising government programme

    Dept for International Development 299w

Moffatt, Laura


    Working families tax credit 702-3w

Monetary compensatory amounts


Moonie, Dr Lewis, Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Ministry of Defence

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Royal Naval Hospital Haslar (24.01.01) 311-5wh


    Animal experiments, Porton Down 658w

    Antitank missiles 539w

    Armed forces, Disciplinary proceedings 541w

    Armed forces, Housing 46-7w

    Armed forces, Scotland 46w

    Challenger tanks, Procurement 576w

    Chatham Dockyard, Radiation exposure 38w

    Civilians, Ministry of Defence 40w

    Defence, New Zealand 38w

    Defence Diversification Agency 143-4w

    Defence equipment, Procurement 17

    Defence Evaluation and Research Agency 16, 424w, 728w

    Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, Finance 659w

    Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, Pollution 44-5w

    Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, Public private partnerships 658-9w

    European fighter aircraft, Weapons 422w

    Joint strike fighter aircraft 656w

    Meteorological Office 580w

    Military aircraft, Procurement 5-8, 37w

    Prisoners of war, Compensation 35w, 581w

    Property transfer, Ministry of Defence 424-5w, 583w

    RAF Macrahanish, Housing 47w

    Royal Army Medical College 582-3w

    Scotland, Ministry of Defence 533-4w

    Security, Ministry of Defence 40-1w

Moore, Mr Michael


    Monetary compensatory amounts, Scotland 63-4w

    Part-time employment, Pay 302w

Moran, Ms Margaret


    Bedford Hospital, Dead bodies 205-6

    Industrial relations, EC action 499

Morecambe Bay Hospitals NHS Trust

Morgan, Mr Alasdair

                  Debates etc.

    Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (22.01.01) 681, 686, 702, 707, 715-8


    Military bases, Costs 299w

    Police, Finance 716w

    RAF Macrahanish, Housing 47w

    Uranium, Kirkcudbrightshire 298w

Morgan, Ms Julie

                  Debates etc.

    Children's Commissioner for Wales Bill, Motion relating to Com, 2R and Allocation of time motion (16.01.01) 248-52


    Business questions 1086

    Merchant shipping, Conditions of employment 464w

Morley, Mr Elliot, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

                  Debates etc.


    Agriculture, Subsidies 410w

    Common fisheries policy, Regional development agencies 266w

    EC Fisheries Council 700w

    Farmers, Early retirement 517w

    Farmers, Suicide 345w

    Flood control, Gloucestershire 516w

    Flood control, Mobile homes 516w

    Flood control, Pagham 60w

    Floods, Hydroelectric power 59-60w

    Floods, Telephone services 597-8w

    White fish, Quotas 265w

    White fish, Total allowable catches 699w

Morris, Rt Hon Ms Estelle, Minister for School Standards, Dept for Education and Employment

                  Debates etc.

    Teachers, Manpower (18.01.01) 548, 564-7

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Teachers, Essex (16.01.01) 40-5wh


    Class sizes, East Sussex 666-7w

    Class sizes, Secondary education 586w

    Free school meals, Eligibility 174w

    Grammar schools, Sixth form education 249-51w

    Pupils, North Yorkshire 442-3w

    Schools, Admissions 250w

    Schools, Berkshire 443w

    Standards Fund, Newcastle upon Tyne 72-3w

    Steiner Schools Foundation 253w

    Teachers, London allowance 443-4w

    Teachers, Recruitment 443w

    Teachers, Vacancies 444w

Mortgage relief



Moss, Mr Malcolm

                  Debates etc.


Motor vehicles

Motorway service areas

    Gloucestershire 22w

Mountford, Kali


    Ballistic missile defence, USA 918

    Local government, Reform 195w

Mowlam, Rt Hon Marjorie, Minister for the Cabinet Office


    Alcoholic drinks, Abuse 285w

    Central Office of Information, Royal family 176-7w

    Civil service, Manpower 333

    Civil service agencies, Accountability 286w

    Disadvantaged, Advisory services 341w

    Electronic government 333-4

    Government, Annual reports 469w

    Government departments, Opposition 765w

    Magistrates, Lancashire 290w

    Social Exclusion Unit 287w

    Social Exclusion Unit, Drugs 75w

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