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Speaker and deputies

                  Debates etc.

    Amendments and new clauses (16.01.01) 222, (18.01.01) 529, 575, (22.01.01) 654, (23.01.01) 801, (24.01.01) 927, 987

    Deferred divisions (17.01.01) 405-6, (24.01.01) 986

    Disallowed questions (18.01.01) 504

    Rulings and statements, Correspondence (17.01.01) 351

    Rulings and statements, Deferred divisions (15.01.01) 171-2

    Rulings and statements, Divisions (15.01.01) 101

    Rulings and statements, Fifteen minutes rule (24.01.01) 927, (25.01.01) 1091

    Rulings and statements, Hinduja Passport Inquiry (24.01.01) 1032

    Rulings and statements, Ministers (15.01.01) 102

    Rulings and statements, Parliamentary procedure (16.01.01) 314

    Rulings and statements, Ten minutes rule (17.01.01) 353

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Points of order (17.01.01) 137wh

    Rulings and statements, Members (23.01.01) 183wh

    Rulings and statements, Parliamentary procedure (17.01.01) 137wh


Speaker's deputies

    Westminster Hall sittings (23.01.01) 895-7

Special areas of conservation

Special constables

Speed limits

Spellar, Mr John, Minister for the Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    EC defence policy (23.01.01) 252-6wh

    River Tamar, Radioactive wastes (17.01.01) 121-4wh


    Air force, Deployment 228w

    Armed forces, Cadets 147w

    Armed forces, Education 36w

    Armed forces, Recruitment 35-6w

    Armed forces, Training 12-3

    Armed forces, Working hours 576-7w

    Chinook helicopters, Accidents 17-8

    HMS Tireless, Repairs and maintenance 48w

    Military aircraft, Costs 729w

    Military attaches 46w

    Military bases, Costs 299w

    Navy, Deployment 14-5

    Navy, Procurement 15

    Nuclear submarines, Accidents 146w

    Sierra Leone, Peace keeping operations 45w

    Submarines, Rescue services 35w

    Uranium, Challenger tanks 577w

    Uranium, Eskmeals 656w

    Uranium, Iraq-Kuwait conflict 417-8w

    Uranium, Kirkcudbrightshire 298w

    Uranium, Otterburn 299w

    West Indies Guardship 424w

Spelman, Mrs Caroline

                  Debates etc.

    Adoption Bill, 1R (17.01.01) 347-8

    Private Members' bills (23.01.01) 843-6, 848

    Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (22.01.01) 680-1, 695, 736, 742-4, 757-61

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Crime, Garages and petrol stations 724-5w

    Excise duties, Fuels 650w

    Garages and petrol stations 618-9w

    Health services, Elderly 56w

    Petrol, Volatile organic compounds 619-20w

Spoliation Advisory Panel

    Addresses to the Crown (18.01.01) 491



    Extracurricular activities 639

    South West region 636


Spring, Mr Richard


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