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Armed conflict

Armed forces

    Falkland Islands 68w

Armed Forces Discipline Act 2000


Armoured fighting vehicles

Arms trade

    Democratic Republic of Congo 244-5w

Armstrong, Rt Hon Hilary, Minister of State for Local Government and Housing, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Revenue support grant, Gateshead (30.01.01) 57wh, 60-4wh


    Beacon councils 385w

    Local government, Stakeholder pensions 125w

    Local government finance 18-20w

    Local government services, Standards 385w



    Northern Ireland 135w


Art works


Ashdown, Paddy


    Pay, South West region 342w

    Pre-school education, Somerset 228-9w

    Social security benefits 141w

    Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust, Manpower 263w

    Working families tax credit 141-2w

Ashton, Mr Joe


    Members, Retirement 298w

Astute class submarines


    see Refugees

Atherton, Ms Candy

                  Debates etc.

    Regional planning and development, Cornwall (31.01.01) 411-5


    Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment, Nancekuke 522-3w

    EC grants and loans, Cornwall 301


Atkins, Charlotte

                  Debates etc.

    Agriculture (01.02.01) 508


    Farms, Diversification 424

    Staffordshire, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 529-33w

Atkinson, Mr David


    Ballistic missile defence 95w

Auld Review

Austin, Mr John


    Abandoned vehicles 385w




Avon and Somerset Constabulary

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