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Ruane, Mr Chris

                  Debates etc.


    Closed circuit television, Denbighshire 738-9w

    Crime, Denbighshire 738w

    Education, Wales 297

    Optical equipment, Wales 239w

Ruddock, Joan

                  Debates etc.

    Criminal Justice and Police Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (29.01.01) 75-7


    Countryside stewardship scheme 426-7

    Genetically modified organisms, EC action 254w

Ruffley, Mr David

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Crown courts, Closures 152w

    Heavily indebted poor countries initiative 601w

    NHS trusts, Expenditure 48w

    NHS trusts, Information technology 48w

    NHS trusts, Procurement 48w

Rugby Football League

Rural areas

    Government assistance 296w

    Magistrates' courts 152w

Russell, Bob

                  Debates etc.

    Bradwell power station, Petitions (06.02.01) 899


    Maintenance, Children 85w

    Physical education 1060

    St Helena, Airports 915-6

    Traffic wardens 423w


Ryan, Ms Joan

                  Debates etc.

    House of Commons (Removal of Clergy Disqualification) Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (06.02.01) 816-20


    Hospitals, Repairs and maintenance 299-300

    New deal for disabled people 691-2w

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