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St Aubyn, Mr Nick

                  Debates etc.

    Children's Commissioner for Wales Bill, Allocation of time motion, Rep and 3R (08.02.01) 1148-9, 1152, 1163-4


    Higher education, Disadvantaged 1053

    NHS Modernisation Fund 507w

St George's Hospital Tooting

St Helena

    British citizenship 486w

St Leonard's Hospital Dorset

Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Review Group

Salmond, Mr Alex

                  Debates etc.

    Lockerbie, Bombings (31.01.01) 311


    Common fisheries policy 431-2

    Defence equipment, Contracts 360w

    Gulf War syndrome, Medical examinations 309-10w

    HMS Tireless, Repairs and maintenance 261w

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 251-2w

    Institutional care, Scotland 157

    Military bases, Scotland 183w


Salter, Mr Martin


    Police, Housing 306


Sanders, Mr Adrian

                  Debates etc.

    Elderly, Personal care services (05.02.01) 720

    Local government finance (31.01.01) 388-90


    South West Water, Compulsory purchase 123-4w

Sarwar, Mr Mohammad


    EC grants and loans, Govan 163

    Indonesia, Human rights 260w

    Television, Broadcasting reception 706w

    Winter fuel payments 82w

Satellite communications

Saudi Arabia

Savidge, Mr Malcolm


    Winter fuel payments, Scotland 157

Sawford, Mr Phil


    Magistrates' courts, Northamptonshire 225w

    National Forest Company 22-3w

Sayeed, Mr Jonathan

                  Debates etc.

    Oral questions, Points of order (07.02.01) 929


    Police, Recruitment 651


School Standards and Framework Act 1998



    New Opportunities Fund 448w

    Racial discrimination 430w

    Temporary employment 38-9w

    Transport (06.02.01) 900-8


Science and Technology Select Committee


    Defence equipment 160w

    EC grants and loans 724w

    Liquefied petroleum gas 617w

    Manufacturing industries 159-62

    New deal for 50 plus 157w

    Proceeds of crime 160w

    Road traffic offences 160w

    Trans-European networks 618w

    Winter fuel payments 155-7

Scotland Office

Scotland Yard

    see Metropolitan Police

Second homes

Secondary Care Agency

    see Defence Secondary Care Agency

Secondary education


    Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 451-2w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 116w

    Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 718w

Secret Intelligence Service



    Genetically modified organisms 131w


Select committees

Self-assessment of tax



    Mixed oxide fuel 121w

Senior Salaries Review Body


Serious Fraud Office

Severn Trent Water


Sex offender orders

Sexual offences

Shaw, Mr Jonathan

                  Debates etc.

    Natural gas, Prices (08.02.01) 1171-4

    Vehicles (Crime) Bill, Allocation of time motion, Rep and 3R (30.01.01) 240-1, 264

Sheerman, Mr Barry


    Higher education, Disadvantaged 1053

Sheffield Hallam University

Shephard, Rt Hon Gillian

                  Debates etc.


    Downham Market High School 271-2w

Shepherd, Mr Richard

                  Debates etc.

    Social Security Contributions (Share Options) Bill, Allocation of time motion, Rep and 3R (08.02.01) 1097


Ship chartering

    Roll-on roll-off ships 67w

Shipley, Ms Debra


    Organic farming 426


    Conditions of employment 383w

Short, Rt Hon Clare, Secretary of State for International Development

                  Debates etc.

    India, Ministerial statements (29.01.01) 21-30


    Africa, AIDS 917

    Arms trade, Regulation 912-3

    Balkans, Overseas aid 604w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Overseas aid 599-600w

    Developing countries, Administration of justice 598w

    Developing countries, Debts 911

    Developing countries, Disease control 916

    Developing countries, Family planning 407w

    Developing countries, Firearms 604w

    Developing countries, Water supply 602w

    Heavily indebted poor countries initiative 601w

    Hinduja, Srichand, Dept for International Development 237w

    HIV infection, Disease control 597w

    India, Corruption 409w

    India, Overseas aid 600w

    India, Religious freedom 235w

    Kosovo, International assistance 678w

    Kosovo, Overseas aid 678w

    Market research, Dept for International Development 236w

    Mines, Bomb disposal 600w

    Nigeria, Corruption 912

    Nigeria, Human rights 236w

    Palestinians, Poverty 598w

    Primates, Conservation 443w

    Romania, Information services 234w, 443w

    South Africa, HIV infection 597-8w

    World Education Forum 407w

    Zambia, Poverty 597w

Short money

Shotgun certificates

    Administrative delays 613w

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