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Mobile phones

    see Cellular phones

Modern apprenticeships

"Modernising Local Government Finance Consultation Paper"

Monetary compensatory amounts



Moonie, Dr Lewis, Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Ministry of Defence

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Advertising, Ministry of Defence 663w

    Armed forces, Medical records 666w

    Armed forces, Vaccination 664-5w

    BAE Systems, Redundancy 610-1w

    Centre for Defence Medicine 88-9w

    Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment, Nancekuke 663-4w

    Civil service agencies, Ministry of Defence 561w

    Defence equipment 50w

    Defence equipment, Iron and steel 566-7w

    Defence equipment, Procurement 51w

    Defence Estate Organisation, Property transfer 88w

    Defence Medical Services 191-3w

    Defence Secondary Care Agency, Locums 88w

    Defence Secondary Care Agency, Organs 725-6w

    Hawk aircraft, Accidents 89w

    Kosovo, Reserve forces 50-1w

    Low flying, Northumberland 89-90w

    Military aircraft, Procurement 12

    Military bases, Northern Ireland 565-6w

    Ministry of Defence Police, Conditions of employment 562-3w

    Mustard gas, Health hazards 608w

    Navy, Animal experiments 567w

    Office for Standards of Casework (Army) 665-6w

    Opposition, Ministry of Defence 551-2w

    Press releases, Ministry of Defence 196w

    Prisoners of war, Compensation 196w

    Publicity, Ministry of Defence 191w

    Research, Ministry of Defence 663w

    Roll-on roll-off ships 665w

    Royal ordnance factories, Security 725-7w

    Scotland, Ministry of Defence 53-6w

    Serco, Ministry of Defence 607-8w

    Submarines, Decommissioning 17

    Type 45 destroyers 53w

    War graves, Wrecks 132w

Moore, Mr Michael

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Aviation, Environmental impact assessment (27.02.01) 203-4wh


    East coast railway line 683w

    Local transport plans 721w

Moran, Margaret


    Departmental expenditure limits, Dept of Trade and Industry 285-7w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 695w


    Dept for Education and Employment 91w

    Dept of Social Security 124-5w

Morgan, Mr Alasdair

                  Debates etc.

    Foot and mouth disease (28.02.01) 920


    British Coal staff superannuation scheme 278-9w

    Housing benefit, Scotland 123-4w

    Married personal allowance 524w

    Mineworkers' pension scheme 279-80w

    Motor vehicles, Safety measures 140

    Uranium, Dundrennan 87w

Morgan, Julie


    Conditions of employment, Fathers 78w

    Conditions of employment, Mothers 78w

    Working hours, Fathers 138w

Morley, Mr Elliot, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food


    Common fisheries policy 122w

    Fisheries, EC grants and loans 118-9w

    Fisheries, South West region 234w

    Flood control, Coastal areas 121w

    Flood control, Finance 602w

    Flood control, Gloucestershire 123w

    Flood control, Leicestershire 233-4w

    Forestry Commission, Departmental expenditure limits 234w

    Livestock, Exports 122w

    Offices, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 601w

    Seas and oceans, Radioactive wastes 507w


Morris, Rt Hon Ms Estelle, Minister for School Standards, Dept for Education and Employment

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Assisted places scheme, Performing arts 93w

    Education, Cambridgeshire 375-6w

    Education, Cheshire 198w

    Education, Crosby 388w

    Education, Leicestershire 95w

    Education, Per capita costs 379-80w

    Education business links, Finance 95-6w

    Grant maintained schools, Finance 387w

    Non-teaching staff, Nottinghamshire 374w

    Non-teaching staff, Recruitment 161w

    North Southwark Education Action Zone 97w, 199w

    Performing arts, Fees and charges 363w

    Primary education, Standards 390w

    Pupils, Personal records 163-4w

    Schools, First aid 391w

    Teachers, Career structure 656w

    Teachers, Leeds 164w

    Teachers, London allowance 96w

    Teachers, Performance appraisal 45w


    Codes of practice 80w

Moss, Mr Malcolm

                  Debates etc.

    Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and Creutzfeld Jakob Disease Inquiry (15.02.01) 549-52


    Conditions of employment 78w

Motor vehicles

Mowlam, Rt Hon Marjorie, Minister for the Cabinet Office


    Drugs, Smuggling 185w

    Genetically modified organisms, Crops 752w

    Gerbeau, Pierre-Yves 496w

    Government, Annual reports 305

    Government departments, Opposition 494-5w

    Government departments, Publicity 190w

    Ministerial policy advisors 188-9w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Cabinet Office 130w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Codes of practice 188w

    Ministerial policy advisors, General elections 495w

    Ministers, Domestic visits 268w

    Serco, Cabinet Office 495w

Mullin, Mr Chris, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for International Development


    Developing countries, Family planning 71w

    North Korea, Overseas aid 131-2w

    Pakistan, Earthquakes 71w

    United Nations, Peace keeping operations 132w

Multiple occupation

Murphy, Mr Jim

                  Debates etc.

    Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and Creutzfeld Jakob Disease Inquiry (15.02.01) 532-5


    Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and Creutzfeld Jakob Disease Inquiry 27w

    Company liquidations, Directors 271w

Murphy, Rt Hon Paul, Secretary of State for Wales


    EC grants and loans, Llanwern 496w

    Information technology, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 496-7w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales, Departmental expenditure limits 225-6w

Museums and galleries


Mustard gas

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