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Speaker and deputies

                  Debates etc.

    Budget resolution motions (07.03.01) 308-9

    Deferred divisions (14.03.01) 1083

    Orders and regulations motions (14.03.01) 1146

    Rulings and statements, Documents (07.03.01) 325, 364, (14.03.01) 1037

    Rulings and statements, Members (12.03.01) 629-30, (15.03.01) 1266

    Rulings and statements, Standing committees (09.03.01) 526-31

    Rulings and statements, Unparliamentary expressions (06.03.01) 177, (12.03.01) 735-6, 757

    Standing Order No 24 applications, Macedonia (06.03.01) 153

    Standing Order No 24 applications, Nortel Networks (06.03.01) 154

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Rulings and statements, Unparliamentary expressions (08.03.01) 149wh

Special areas of conservation

Special constables

Special education

Speed limits

Spellar, Mr John, Minister for the Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    General Service Medal, Suez Canal (14.03.01) 297-302wh


    Air force, Air traffic control 415w

    Air force, Resignations 505w

    Armed forces, Casualties 358w

    Armed forces, Council tax 756w

    Armed forces, Northern Ireland 17-8w

    Armed forces, Vaccination 285-6w

    Balkans, Peace keeping operations 601w

    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry, Immunity certificates 602w

    Bosnia-Herzegovina, War crimes 674w

    Defence Analytical Services Agency, Standards 504-5w

    Devonport Dockyard 509w

    Devonport Dockyard, Nuclear submarines 509w

    Exservicemen, Medical examinations 177w

    Force Research Unit 16-7w

    Freemasonry, Ministry of Defence 409w

    Gulf War syndrome 16w

    Iraq-Kuwait conflict, Uranium 17-8w

    Parachute Regiment, Casualties 359w

    Parachute Regiment, Kosovo 18w

    Parachute Regiment, Northern Ireland 413-4w

    Radioactive materials, Transport 676w

    Radioactive wastes, Shoeburyness 754w

    RAF Northolt, Air traffic 755w

    Uranium, Shoeburyness 506w

    Warrior armoured vehicle 219w

Spelman, Mrs Caroline


    Building regulations, Accidents 471w

    Nurses, Recruitment 803

Spicer, Sir Michael

                  Debates etc.



    Departmental coordination 206w

Spring, Mr Richard

                  Debates etc.

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