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Kaufman, Rt Hon Gerald

                  Debates etc.

    Foot and mouth disease, Elections (02.04.01) 27-8


    Manchester, Dept of Trade and Industry 420w

    Public expenditure 44w

Keeble, Ms Sally

                  Debates etc.

    Finance Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (09.04.01) 738

    Foot and mouth disease (09.04.01) 719

Keetch, Mr Paul

                  Debates etc.

    Armed Forces Bill, Money res, Allocation of time motion and rem stages (02.04.01) 70, 91, 99-100, 108, 127-9


    Armed forces, Venereal diseases 21w

    Members, Correspondence 77w

Kelly, Ms Ruth


    Heart diseases 839

    Police, Early retirement 212-3w

Kemp, Mr Fraser


    Washington Tyne and Wear, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 395-7w

Kennedy, Rt Hon Charles


    Foot and mouth disease, Compensation 329-30

    Genetically modified organisms, Scotland 425-6w

Kennedy, Jane, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Lord Chancellor's Dept

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Magistrates' courts, Devon (03.04.01) 52-5wh


    Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service 249-50w, 583w

    Civil proceedings 307w

    Guardianship, Fees and charges 172-3

    Immigration adjudicators, Manpower 583w

    Judiciary, Females 172w

    Magistrates' courts, Rural areas 172w, 174w

    Sentencing, Disabled 175w


    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 392-5w


Kent County Council Bill (HL) 1998/99

                  Debates etc.

    Royal Assent (10.04.01) 848


Key, Mr Robert

                  Debates etc.

    Foot and mouth disease (09.04.01) 715


    Armed forces, Council tax 24-5w

    Chinook helicopters, Computer software 24w

    Defence equipment, Procurement 364-6w

    Hercules aircraft, Boscombe Down 20w

    Military aircraft 368w

    Ministry of Defence Police, Housing 23w

Kidney, Mr David

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Alternative energy (05.04.01) 163-5wh

    Local government finance (03.04.01) 6-11wh


    Crown Prosecution Service, Human rights 497

    Foot and mouth disease, Non-domestic rates 321w

    Trees, Stafford 9w

King, Andy


    Criminal Records Bureau, Fees and charges 69w

    Defence Aviation Repair Agency 20-1w

    Pension credit 6

King, Ms Oona

                  Debates etc.

    International Criminal Court Bill (HL), 2R and Allocation of time motion (03.04.01) 257-61

    Wheel Clamping (Restrictions) Bill, 1R (02.04.01) 49

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Bed and breakfast accommodation (03.04.01) 56-8wh

    Entry clearances, Children (04.04.01) 116-9wh


    Drugs, Tower Hamlets 457w

    Foot and mouth disease 585w

    Foot and mouth disease, Animal welfare 319w

King, Rt Hon Tom

                  Debates etc.

    Finance Bill, 2R and Allocation of time motion (09.04.01) 810-2

    Foot and mouth disease (09.04.01) 724-5


    Foot and mouth disease, Disease control 486

Kingston upon Hull

Kirkbride, Miss Julie


    Longbridge Task Force 206w

Kirkwood, Mr Archy

                  Debates etc.

    Foot and mouth disease (09.04.01) 725


    House of Commons, Art works 166w

    Housing benefit 4


Kumar, Dr Ashok


    Middlesbrough, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 62-5w

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