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Eagle, Angela, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Social Security

                  Debates etc.


    Child Support Agency, Standards 517w

    Council tax, Greater London 208w

    Euro, Dept of Social Security 595w

    Funeral payments 787w

    Housing benefit, Greater London 208-9w

    Housing benefit, ITNet 152w

    Information technology, Dept of Social Security 147w

    Maintenance, Children 209w

    Social security benefits, Home visits 788w

    Widowed people, Social security benefits 667-8w

Eagle, Maria

                  Debates etc.


    Electronic government 211w

    HM Inspectorate of Prisons, Public appointments 706-7w

    Museums and galleries, Fees and charges 636-7

    Office of Surveillance Commissioners, Public appointments 706w

Ealing Film Studios

Ear nose and throat

    Greater Manchester 508w

Ear tagging

    Foot and mouth disease 407w


East London line

East Midlands Airport

East Ravendale School

East Timor

Eastern Europe

EC action

    Aviation (30.04.01) 722

    EC immigration (30.04.01) 722

    Postal services (30.04.01) 722

    Small businesses 697w

EC Agriculture Council

EC aid

EC common foreign and security policy

EC countries

EC defence policy

EC enlargement

    Common agricultural policy 745-7

    Economic and monetary union 747

    Foot and mouth disease 348w

EC external trade

EC Fisheries Council

EC immigration

    EC action (30.04.01) 722

EC institutions

EC internal trade

EC presidency

EC Scientific Committee for Food


    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 242-5w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 1w

Economic and monetary union

    EC enlargement 747

    Foreign investment in UK 975

Economic policy

Economic situation



Education Act 1996


Education Funding Strategy Group

Education Standards Fund (England) Regulations 2001

                  Debates etc.

Education (Student Support) Regulations 2001

                  Debates etc.

Educational maintenance allowance

Edwards, Mr Huw

                  Debates etc.

    Foot and mouth disease (26.04.01) 472, (03.05.01) 1011-2

    Rural areas (25.04.01) 336


    Foot and mouth disease, Military aid 11, 90w

    Foot and mouth disease, Tourism 485w

Efford, Clive


    Energy, Conservation 206w

    New deal for young people 300-1

    Teachers, Recruitment 354w

    VAT, Publications 185w



Electoral Commission

Electoral Commission (Limit on Public Awareness Expenditure) Order 2001


Electoral register


Electricity Act 1989 (Amendment) Bill 2000/01

                  Debates etc.

    2R order read (27.04.01) 615

Electricity generation

Electronic commerce

Electronic equipment

    Northern Ireland (24.04.01) 47-51wh

Electronic government

Electronic surveillance

    Ministry of Defence 3

Ellman, Mrs Louise


    Local government, Liverpool 632w

    Middle East, Antisemitism 731-2

    Regional government 839


Emergency services

Emery, Rt Hon Sir Peter

                  Debates etc.

    Foot and mouth disease (03.05.01) 1013

    Former Members Working Group (02.05.01) 910


    Foot and mouth disease, Compensation 755-6w


    Developing countries 337w

Employment agencies

    Information technology 417w

Employment zones




English Tourism Council

Ennis, Jeff


    Industrial diseases, Compensation 226w

    Magistrates, Barnsley 511w

    Parish councils 463w

Environment Agency

Environment protection

    Disclosure of information 425w

Environmental health officers

Environmental impact assessment

Environmental Protection Act 1990


Environmental Task Force

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