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SECTION 2: Subject Groups

BEER: All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group

Joint Vice-Chairmen

Joint Treasurers

Nigel Jones MP
Jane Griffiths MP
Nigel Evans MP
Eric Clarke MP
Nick Hawkins MP

Benefits from outside sources

Information provided is from accounts approved in December 2000 for year ending 31 May 2000. Financial contributions are mainly used to meet the group's administrative costs, including its secretariat.
· Subscription of £3000 paid by each of the following: Guinness, Stakis, Bass, Carsberg Tetley, Unique Pub Co, Scottish and Newcastle, Whitbread; £900 from Allied Domecq; £1500 from Enterprise Inns, Pubmaster.
· Annual dinner in June 1999 was hosted by the following organisations (who provided hospitality at the event): Whitbread, Carlsberg Tetley, Federation, Bass, Charles Wells, Scottish and Newcastle, Shepherd Neame, Harvey's of Lewes, Youngs, Allied Domecq, Fullers, Guinness, Greene King, Ballard's, Pubmaster, Commer Group.
· Annual dinner in June 2000 hosted by sponsors of same even in 1999 and also by: St Austell's Brewery, Ladbroke Casinos, Interbrew UK, Ringwood Brewery, Fuller Smith & Turner plc, Unique Pub Co, Batemans, Refresh UK.
· From time to time the group receives beer for occasional events.

Staff who have other gainful occupation


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