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SECTION 2: Subject Groups

EUROPEAN SECURE VEHICLE (vehicle crime): European Secure Vehicle Alliance


Lord Brougham and Vaux
Nigel Evans MP
Steve McCabe MP

Benefits from outside sources

Amounts received for 1999/2000: £1200 from each of the following: Alpha Scientific Limited, Association of British Insurers, British School of Motoring, Ford Motor Company, CGU Insurance, Halfords, NavTrak, Pilkingtons Automotive, Volvo Cars UK, Yamaha Motors; £2400 from BT; £3700 from TRACKER Network; £13200 from Vauxhall Motors. Administrative assistance is provided by European Secure Vehicle Alliance, a non-profit making company limited by guarantee.

Staff who have other gainful occupation

Vivian Nicholas, Executive Director, European Secure Vehicle Alliance.

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