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SECTION 2: Subject Groups

MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY: Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Industry Group

Co-Chairmen (House of Commons)

Co-Chairman (House of Lords)
Co-Vice-Chairmen (House of Commoms)


Barry Sheerman MP
Brian Cotter MP
Lord Paul
Peter Pike MP
Richard Page MP
Bill O'Brien MP
Liz Blackman MP  

Benefits from outside sources

Administrative assistance and office are provided by Networking for Industry (a not for profit company limited by guarantee). The following corporate members each pay £500 per annum (which is used to pay for group dinners and adminstration): British Standards Institution, Ford Motor Company, Tesco Stores Ltd, David Brown Group plc, Grattan plc, Diageo plc, Wyeth Laboratories, Marks and Spencer plc, Smiths Industries plc, BAe Systems, Yorkshire Electricity plc, HSBC, BG plc, Racal Group Services Ltd, BP Amoco, Nissan, Lever Brothers Ltd, Centurion Press Ltd, Kesslers Ltd, Shell International Petroleum Ltd.

Staff who have other gainful occupation

Andrew Bonser, Political Officer of Networking for Industry and occasionally employed by Urban Mines (both are not for profit companies limited by guarantee).

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