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SECTION 2: Subject Groups

RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE ENERGY: Associate Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group (PRASEG)


Frank Cook MP
Gareth R Thomas MP
Andrew StunellMP
Dr Alan Whitehead MP
Andrew Robathan MP

Benefits from outside sources

The group's activities are funded wholly by PRASEG Ltd, which is a company limited by guarantee that derives its income from 3 sources: subscription fees; money raised from ticket sales to events organised as part of the group's work; and money in the form of sponsorship from (in 2000): BG Transco £5000; PowerGen £5000; AEA Technology £2000; BWEA £1000; Greenpeace UK £1000; National Windpower £30,000; CHPA £1500; Heat Pump Association £1500.
Overseas Visit: 16-17 October 2000, to Denmark (cost of flights and accommodation met by National Windpower UK).

Staff who have other gainful occupation


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